Don't want extra Halloween candy tempting you at home? You may be able to get cash for it and help the troops, too.
Credit: Getty Images

Whether you overestimated the number of trick-or-treaters who'd show up or your kid did really well in your neighborhood, one thing's for sure: You'll be swimming in candy the day after Halloween.

Bucketfuls of candy taking up space in the kitchen can be tempting munchies for weeks to come. To avoid bingeing on sugary sweets this year, why not offer up your extra treats for a good cause?

Thanks to the Halloween Candy Buy Back (HCBB) program, founded in 2005 by a Wisconsin dentist, your local dentist's office might be happy to take that Halloween candy right off your hands.

Here's how it works: For every pound of candy a child (or, presumably, an adult) brings in, participating dentists will fork over $1. Then the stash of goodies will be sent off to troops overseas through Operation Gratitude, a group that sends care packages to the U.S. military. Since its start, HCBB has collected more than 130 tons of candy.

More than 2,500 dentists will participate this year, up from 300 in 2007, NPR reports. Check out the zip code locator on the program's site to see if a dentist near you is involved with the program. If not, you can always send the treats on your own. Operation Gratitude is accepting Halloween candy up until November 15, so there's still plenty of time to slim down your stash. Just follow the instructions on their site for sending packages.

If you do go through a dentist, there's no denying a pound of candy is a lot. Even if you don't rack up enough for a buck, getting rid of that stash will surely save you (and your kiddos) calories, sugar, and fat. And let's not forget eating a bunch of candy isn't good for a healthy smile either. But the best part? You know you'll be making someone else's day a little brighter.