How Kelsea Ballerini Turned Her Tiny Closet Into a Perfectly Pink Oasis Space

Even a Disney Princess would be jealous.

Welcome to Oasis Spaces, a new Health video series where inspiring people share an area in their home that brings them peace and positivity. Watch Kelsea Ballerini's Oasis Space tour above!

Singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini needs all the cozy vibes she can get while working from home, and her closet/office/writing room absolutely fits the bill. Complete with pink plush seating, red neon light, and the world's fluffiest shag carpet, Ballerini transformed her closet into the perfect oasis space. Her designer, Brennan White, came up with the concept to make the room into "every little girl's dream" and Ballerini ran with it.

"It's all pink and girly and my oasis," Ballerini tells Health. "It's not just a closet—it's where I have my girls' nights, where I return my emails, and where I write all my songs."

One of her favorite things about her oasis space is the original illustration of the first custom dress she had made for an awards show performance framed on her vanity. She also loves the sliding ladder over her wardrobe that reminds her of Beauty and the Beast. Ballerini is a true art lover, and White surprised her with original portraits of her dogs to go next to the hangout area of the room.

"Whenever my girlfriends come over, we're always up here in the girly area," Ballerini says, mentioning that she even performed her latest album release on Instagram live in the space. "It was completely on a whim, but it looked like it was on purpose."

Part of Ballerini's daily routine is grabbing a cup of coffee and heading straight to her oasis space to strum her guitar, waiting for inspiration to strike. "It's a place where you feel free enough and safe enough to word vomit," Ballerini says. Later, she'll light candles, put a playlist on her Marshall speaker, apply some makeup or skincare, and write out her to-do list. "It helps me feel accomplished at the end of the day."

Check out Kelsea's latest album, "ballerini."

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