Updated July 22, 2015
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IstockphotoGoing green gets a bad reputation for breaking the bank. Organic food can be expensive, all-natural clothing doesn't come cheap, and alternative treatments aren't always covered by insurers. But with the right strategy—and our (free!) expert advice—you can actually save hundreds of dollars each month just by being more eco-friendly.

Organic On the Cheap


This Recipe Feeds 5 for Less Than the Cost of a Fast Food Meal
Think eating all-natural will break the bank? Tuscan Chicken Stew is easy, organic, and less expensive than fast food fare.

Bottoms Up


Inexpensive Natural Wines That We Love
Its more affordable than you might think to drink natural, eco-friendly wines: Organic, biodynamic and other forms of chemical-free farming are already common among quality wine producers.

Saving at the Grocery Store


Money Q&A: Saving on Organic Foods and More
Expert advice on where to scrimp on expensive organic groceries.

DIY Cleaners


Save Green While You Clean
Using toxin-free, all- or mostly natural cleaning products isnt just a good idea for protecting the environment inside (and outside) your home—it can actually save you some dough.

All-Natural Hair Treatments


A Pantry Staple that Salvages Split Ends
Olive oil helps quench seriously dry strands. Leave it in your hair overnight as an all-natural and budget-friendly alternative to deep conditioners.

DIY Facial Masks


At-Home Spa: Create a Cranberry Face Mask
Cranberries can help naturally exfoliate lackluster, dead skin. Try this easy, at-home treatment twice a month.

Luxe for Less


Spa Luxury for Less
Who says you have to spend a ton to pamper yourself? We found luxe stuff that wont blow your bank account.

How to Buy Eco Chic


Green Products That Really Work
Organic products aren't always cheap, so you want to make sure your dollar is well spent. We put these eco-friendly picks to the test.

Ask Our Experts


Free Expert Advice on All of Your Natural Living Questions
Confused about organic versus conventional foods, the value of herbal supplements, and which cosmetics contain dangerous chemicals? Get answers to these questions and more from our panel of experts.