We here at Health HQ are big fans of SodaStream, the company that makes countertop machines that turn tap water into sparkling water in about 30 seconds. We're not sure how much money we save drinking do-it-yourself-seltzer, but we KNOW reusing plastic bottles is a good idea for the environment.

David vs Goliath
Recently, SodaStream began building cages of plastic bottles as a marketing gimmick to demonstrate how destructive (and voluminous) empty plastic bottles can be. It worked! And it got the attention of Coca-Cola, which is now threatening to sue SodaSteam! Talk about a David and Goliath battle.

According to SodaStream CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, "We must not allow Coke, or anyone, to silence this unfortunate truth. All of us can make a difference. We appeal to the moral and social responsibility of the world's citizens to make the planet a cleaner, healthier place. For those who are unable to personally visit one of the dozens of actual Cage Exhibits open now worldwide, the online 'Cage Challenge' helps inform of the devastating impact of all these discarded cans and bottles. Coca-Cola will not be able to censor the truth about the dangers of their business practices as they cannot shut down a virtual Cage."

The Battle Moves to Facebook
We're going to keep drinking homemade soda water and doing everything we can to curb our use of plastic bottles. Meanwhile, we'll also be following the Sodastream versus CocaCola battle on Facebook. Check it out!