Cash that refund check for something you actually want, whether it's a meal delivery service, a fancy blender, or a wellness vacation.

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Real talk: Tax season is a headache. From gathering your year-end tax statements to sorting out the exemptions you’re entitled to, submitting all the necessary materials by April 18th (yep, tax day falls on the 18th this year) is no fun. What is fun? Receiving your tax refund. According to the IRS, the average refund lands somewhere around $3,000. If you want to spend yours wisely, here are six healthy ways to put your tax refund to good use this year.

Leave meal prep to someone else

Preparing a nutritious meal after a long day of work is hard. Make things simpler for yourself by investing in a meal kit service. Companies like Blue Apron drop off three boxes per week (each package serves two) for $60. That’s 312 fewer meals to worry about annually—and your tax refund will cover almost all of them.

Get sweaty

Even the most expensive gym membership options can be covered by your tax refund. An all-access nationwide pass to Crunch gyms will only cost you about half the amount of your tax refund, so you’ll have funds left over to invest in those lux workout leggings you’ve been eyeing.

Bump up your blender

Mix, whip, and pulse your way to healthy with the blender you didn’t think you could afford. A Vitamix may cost $560, but it makes more than just smoothies; you can create dairy-free milks, hot soups, nut butters, and more in the tricked out kitchen appliance.

(Re)Treat yourself

Book yourself a Zen getaway. Options like this six-day SwellWomen yoga, barre, and wellness retreat in Mexico clock in right around $3,000. Because you deserve to relax.

Bring the Spin studio to you

Tired of trekking it to your local studio? Buy your own bike. Brands like Peloton let you tune in for real-time classes at home, so you can spin in the comfort of your bedroom. A Peloton bike costs $1,995, but with its delivery charge and monthly subscription fee, it’ll basically equal the tax refund you receive in the mail.

Save it for later

There’s nothing wrong with saving up. Deposit or invest your $3,000 to save up for good-for-you future purchases (anti-aging facials, pricey green juices, and fancy new foam rollers are all good options in our book).