It’s the best $14 dollars I’ve spent all year.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated February 05, 2020
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To say I’ve long suffered from stinky shoes would be an understatement. The first time I stayed over at my best friend's house in middle school, her mom actually had to put my Birkenstock slides outside because they smelled so bad (yes, that bad). My friend wasn’t supposed to tell me this, but thankfully, I had tough skin and very much understood the reality of my particular affliction.

Long since those days of wearing clogs without socks (gross, I know), it’s now mainly my most-worn sneakers and boots that still cause this issue. At some point, the stench of my go-to gym shoes became so bad, I would have to double bag them in plastic inside my tote just to ensure I didn’t knock out my fellow commuters. It was actually causing my anxiety to become worse. Something had to be done, and quick. 

So as anyone does, I consulted with Google, which quickly led me to Amazon’s best-selling shoe powder: Foot Sense’s Natural Shoe Deodorizer Powder. Since it had a 4.6-star rating and more than 1,200 perfect reviews raving about its ability to erase foot stench once and for all, I figured I had nothing to lose and would give it a try. I also liked that it’s formulated with an all-natural blend of zinc oxide and botanicals, unlike so many other chemical-laden options.

The first thing I noticed about Foot Sense’s powder was how surprisingly light and unobtrusive the smell was. This was certainly not my first rodeo when it came to fighting the funky shoe dilemma, so I had used other foot sprays and powders in the past—but none were like this one. Instead of covering up my foot odor with a heavily perfumed (and borderline nauseating) scent, this one gave off a very subtle lavender aroma, but more than anything, it just neutralized the funkiness rather than masking it. 

To give the powder deodorizer the ultimate test, I decided to sprinkle it in the boots I would be wearing all day along with the sneakers I’d be changing into for a post-work exercise class. By the end of the day, I expected my boots to have returned to their original (read: stinky) state when I swapped them for my sneakers in the dressing room at my gym—but I was surprised to find that they hadn’t. In fact, they smelled as fresh and clean as they had after I’d first sprinkled in the powder that morning. I was finally able to throw my boots in my shoulder bag without the need for an extra hazmat-like barrier. 

Natural Shoe Deodorizer Powder & Foot Odor Eliminator
Credit: Amazon

I was quite impressed, but since sneakers had always been the real struggle, I figured I would save my final verdict until I ran a few sweaty miles and then commuted back home. When I undid my laces after walking in the door I carefully smelt my sneakers and discovered no scent at all. It prompted such a surge of excitement and relief that I almost asked my roommate to smell my sneaker, then decided that wasn’t the best idea and I could write about it instead. 

Whether you call it magic or a marriage saver, as one reviewer did, I’m just thankful to have finally found a safe product that actually gets rid of my notoriously stinky shoe problem instead of masking it. It’s already saved me from throwing away a few pairs of shoes I would have been forced to part with otherwise. 

With winter boot season in full swing, there’s no better time to try thestink-fighting power of the Powder Deodorizer that’s made my day to day life so much more comfortable. 

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