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Got a fabulous trip planned this summer? Before you hit the airport, review our checklist for a safer, happier trip.

Say no to a window seat on flights four hours or longer. In a recent study, those seated sky-side had twice the risk of deep-vein thrombosis, a potentially dangerous blood clot in the leg. The going theory: Passengers were less apt to get up mid-flight--and sitting for a long time can increase risk. Other risk factors include being pregnant or on birth control or estrogen, or having had surgery in the past month.

Don't worry about those full-body backscatter X-ray machines. Recent tests conducted for the Transportation Security Administration at multiple testing centers demonstrated that a single scan exposes you to far less radiation than just two minutes of the flight itself. The machines are now in use at airports across the country.

Seek out inner peace. Sound unlikely? Not anymore: If you're in the San Francisco or Dallas/Fort Worth airports, you can Triangle Pose to your heart's content in their new yoga spaces. And while most airports have nearby hotels with gyms where you can work out (find them at, you'll also find on-site fitness spots at Detroit's Metro and Chicago's O'Hare.