This $40 Pillow Is Helping People With Chronic Neck Pain Sleep Through the Night

The memory foam pillow features a neck contour to align your body while you sleep.

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Regardless of how much kale you consume or how many hours you spend on the elliptical, you really can't beat the benefits of a good night's sleep. And from anxiety-reducing weighted blankets to light-blocking blackout curtains, the Internet is packed with solution-forward products designed to help you sleep without counting sheep.

Plenty of suspects could be culprit for your lack of shut-eye, but we're only here to talk about one of those: neck pain. Chronic neck pain comes from a bounty of sources, including a pinched nerve or an undetected sprain, but it could also simply be the result of sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Using the right pillow is an easy adjustment that can dramatically improve both your neck pain and your quality of sleep, but unfortunately, finding the right pillow is easier said than done.

As Christopher Winter, MD, medical director of Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center in Virginia and author of The Sleep Solution ($26;, previously told Health, "overly large or stiff" pillows can create issues for many people. Dr. Winter suggested that the right pillow will not only "improve your sleep but actually "change the way your body feels for the rest of your life.

While you could spend hours sleuthing round-ups and reviews for your best pillow option, Amazon shoppers already have you covered with the Epabo Memory Orthopedic Pillow ($40; Already Amazon's best-selling neck pillow with more than 2,800 5-star reviews, the pillow has an ergonomic contour that supports and aligns your neck, back, and shoulders to keep your body in an optimal sleep position. It's also hypoallergenic thanks to a cooling bamboo pillowcase covering the breathable memory foam pillow insert.

Shaping Pillow

To buy: Epabo Contour Memory Orthopedic Pillow, $40;

Though it might look like any other memory foam pillow, buyers are adamant that it's anything but. One reviewer attributes their first full night of sleep in eons to this life-changing pillow and assured other shoppers it was "well worth the money" after waking up with zero neck pain. Another revealed the memory foam actually adjusts to your neck to provide "immediate relief," ensuring the supportive pillow is just soft enough to still be comfortable. Plus, one person legitimately deemed it a "dream for anyone with chronic neck pain"—a fact supported by multiple reviewers declaring it "the best pillow."

Still dubious? Another 5-star reviewer wrote: "I was having severe neck pain from repeated movements at my work. My neck is constantly messed up and I would wake up in the night from neck pain. I tried a memory foam pillow from Target and a Casper pillow and was still having pain. I was skeptical when pulling this out of the box because it seems really thin, like it wouldn't have support, but when you lay on it it's very firm. This thing has been a lifesaver and helped bring my pain down significantly after using it for a few days."

While we can't promise it will immediately solve any medical issues—persistent or escalating neck pain should be attended to by a primary physician—the abundance of positive reviews affirm the budget-friendly pillow is worth checking out, especially with reviewers seeing an improvement in a wide range of medical problems beyond neck pain, including fewer migraines and a reduction in disc issues.

Regardless of your desired sleeping position (back, front, or side), this adored pillow could be the change your bed needs. Just be sure to pick the right size: It comes in both standard and queen sizes.

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