It's my dad's secret weapon for a clean house.

By Rebecca Shinners
June 17, 2020
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If there’s one thing my dad is obsessed with, it’s cleaning products. Case in point: He gifted me a vacuum for my first apartment, and has been known to send whatever cleaning solutions he thinks I “need” in the mail—even after I remind him that there are plenty of places to shop near my apartment in NYC. Most recently, I wasn't all too surprised when a drain-clearing product magically showed up in my mailbox after he noticed my water wasn’t running well. 

And while I’ve listened to my dad rave about what feels like an endless amount of healthy household essentials (against my own will, might I add), I’ve never seen him more excited than when he snagged the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner ($500; a few months ago. While it might sound like a pretty mundane buy, my dad would argue that it's most definitely not. 

This Dyson cordless vacuum is lightweight, comes with multiple attachments, and hangs up on the wall, so he can just grab it whenever he's ready to clean. The machine also uses HEPA filtration to capture allergens and expel cleaner air, which has been especially helpful now that allergy season is in full swing. But, according to my dad, what really makes this vacuum standout from the rest is how easy it is to use, thanks to its hassle-free, cord-free design.

It’s safe to say this powerful vacuum has been thoroughly tested in my parents' house, since my dad bought it right as statewide quarantines were being rolled out during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he's been stuck at home. Their house has a mix of wood floors and low pile carpet, and the vacuum has done a stellar job sucking up dirt and dust from both. (Even though it’s advertised for wood floors, it also comes with a vacuum head with bristles, which works wonders on carpet too.)

Credit: Amazon

And don’t just take my dad’s word for it—this vacuum has earned over 2,000 glowing reviews from Amazon shoppers. Customers have raved that it makes "quick work of fur balls and dust bunnies", is even tough on pet hair and dander, and one buyer even credited a significant decrease in her dust allergy symptoms to using the vacuum twice a week.

One pet owner shared that it's great for picking up both cat and dog hair: "One of my best purchases. Light, compact, agile, and does a terrific job. Changing heads is seamless. Attachments are wonderful. Power head for upholstery easily removes pet hair. We have three dogs. One of them is 110 lbs, so he has a big bed, power head removes hair and dirt thoroughly with ease. We also have a big cat. Cat hair and litter tracks are no longer a problem. V8 makes short work of it all."

Another highlighted how perfect the vacuum is for anyone who might get tired of vacuuming easily: "This is the perfect vacuum for an older person - lightweight, easy to "dump the residue" and the charge can outlast my energy reserve. About the time I run out of charge, I have vacuumed a couple of rooms and I need a rest. I no longer get tired just getting the vacuum out to start vacuuming!!! HUGE IMPROVEMENT in my home."

And if you're after the latest and greatest when it comes to home devices, there’s an updated version of this vacuum—the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ($655, was $700;—which is even more of a splurge, but it has even stronger suction power than the brand’s former models. The Torque is also able to detect different floor types (cool, right?) in auto mode and will automatically adjust its power accordingly. 

Sure, Dyson vacuums are an investment, but the brand is known for high quality products that are built to last. Even multiple reviewers commented that this vacuum is worth every single penny, and my dad couldn't agree more. The best news? If you're still looking for a gift for Father's Day (reminder that it's this Sunday June 21st), luckily, you can get the Dyson V8 Absolute just in time, thanks to Prime 2-day shipping—meaning he'll have it for both the festivities and the clean up. 

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