This Cooling Bed Blanket Stays 3 Degrees Cooler Than Your Room, So You Can Say Goodbye to Night Sweats

And it's on sale.

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There's nothing better than hopping into bed and snuggling up with a blanket—unless you're a hot sleeper prone to nights sweats. But damps sheets aren't even the worst part of sleeping warm: A 2019 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that people actually get lower quality sleep when their body can't cool itself at night.

It's the reason many are obsessed with sleep accessories like cooling mattress pads, cooling sheets, and cooling pillows. They help your body regulate its temperature so you can stay blissfully asleep. Unfortunately, the cooling lineup often overlooks one bedroom staple: a blanket. But according to Amazon shoppers, the Dangtop Bamboo Cooling Blanket ($35; is one sleep purchase you won't want to miss.

Described as a cross between a sheet and blanket, it's made with a bamboo microfiber material knitted into a breathable pattern. That means it not only feels soft as silk against the skin, but actually stays about 3 degrees cooler than its environment. In fact, it's optimized for rooms between 85 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, a.k.a. the point where most people would opt to sleep without blankets or even pajamas.

Available in both a twin and full size, the ultra thin blanket comes in 9 different colorways and can be used for traveling, sleeping, or simply lounging on the couch. (Depending on your intended use, it's worth noting the unique fabric is machine-washable, but should never be placed in the dryer where it's prone to shrinking.)


To buy: Dangtop Bamboo Cooling Blanket, $35 (was $38);

Reviewers gave the lightweight blanket more than 500 perfect 5-star reviews, with shoppers in states like Florida and Louisiana (where summers are especially warm and muggy) calling it the "best thing" for getting cozy on summer nights—even when temperatures are "too hot to bear sleeping with a blanket." Plus, it's even helped reviewers in hot environments save money on their power bills.

"The A/C in my apartment sucks, it can only keep my apartment 20 degrees cooler than the outdoors," wrote one reviewer. "I ended up buying a window unit for my bedroom because I like to sleep cold. When I saw this, I thought it was worth a shot. Well, dear reader, last night, I woke up and turned off my window unit. I was comfortable in bed this morning even though it was 4 degrees warmer than the usual temp I keep my room! This is a game changer."

Another reviewer agreed it works a little too well: "I bought this for my husband as a gift and it was the worst decision I've ever made. Not because it's a terrible blanket, quite the opposite. It's too good. My size 6'4" mountain of a man now has a blankie. He is obsessed with this thing. It kept him so cool through the night and was big enough to cover him. But the problem is he walks around the house with it now. Short of tying it around his neck like a cape, it has become like a childhood blanket."

Not to mention, it even earned rave reviews from women going through menopause or suffering from hot flashes. They agreed it was "wonderful," "worth every penny," and the "best blanket" for staying cool without drastically dropping the temperature on the thermostat.

And if you needed yet another reason to give it a try, the cooling blanket is currently on sale for just $35—a steal considering all the money you'll save on air conditioners, fans, and other cooling products.

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