Because greenery deserves a stylish home.

By Susan Brickell
Updated May 30, 2018

As we welcome warmer weather and springtime blooms, it's no wonder many of us are feeling inspired to bring a little green into our homes. Think of the many benefits of having plants in your space: English ivy, rubber trees, and spider plants filter and purify the air; Aloe vera plants can soothe burns and cuts; and plants in general create a calming and serene environment. Not only does greenery make a home feel more alive, but it offers color and texture while bringing the outdoors in. Mixing and matching different planters in your home breaks up the dimension and adds elements of interest to the decor. Plus, pots that aren't the same-old terracotta can show off your personality, even if you're a minimalist. Here are the cutest planters on Etsy for your favorite indoor and outdoor plants.

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