Brooklyn Decker on the Benefit of Spending Time Outside for Mental Clarity During the Pandemic

The model and actress loves her backyard, which served as the perfect pandemic retreat.

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Model and actress Brooklyn Decker, 34, has been riding out the pandemic the same way many of us have: spending a lot of time in her backyard. "This year, with so many of us locked at home, our outdoor space became truly the space to achieve mental clarity and create some good memories in an otherwise really challenging year," Decker tells Health. "I think our backyards deserve to be celebrated. It's good for the body, mind, and soul."

Luckily, her backyard was already her favorite space pre-pandemic—her "grounding force," as she calls this oasis space. "I remember when I had newborns, a friend told me, [when] the baby's crying, take your shoes off, get barefoot, and just go stand on the earth and hold them," says Decker, who has partnered with ZYRTEC. "And it'll calm them down because you're grounded and they're grounded. It's true."

Decker and her children now like to have dinner in their backyard or watch movies there. Her favorite spot? Under her magnolia tree. "When it blooms, it's magical," she says. "Even in the rain, this place feels like magic."

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