Brondell Bidet Review

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Brondell Bidet Review

Key takeaways

  • Brondell is known for making quality bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments.
  • There are many options, so you can find a unit that meets your needs and for your budget.
  • Prices range from $139.99 to $649.99.
  • Product naming and website comparison features are not simple to use.

You're likely to come across Brondell bidets if you're shopping for a bidet toilet seat. The company makes many bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments that have garnered positive reviews.

And bidets aren't just luxury items. They allow older adults or those with a medical need or limited mobility to retain their independence.

Bidet seat or bidet attachment?

In general, the toilet seats tend to cost more and offer more (think heated water and deodorizing capabilities) compared to attachments.

Bidet attachments typically cost less and work over your existing seat. Brondell makes both bidet toilet seats and attachments that don't require electricity.

Pros and cons of Brondell bidets


  • Bidet seats, bidet attachments, sprayers, and travel bidets available, specially made for the North American market
  • Upgrades include endless warm water, adjustable pressure and spray angle, drying, heated seat, night-light, self-cleaning nozzles, deodorizer, and more
  • Antifungal and antibacterial self-cleaning capabilities on some units
  • Quick installation
  • Financing available


  • Difficult-to-use website with confusing product names and numbers
  • Some customer service issues reported
  • Dryer may not completely dry you
  • Only two units have three-year warranties; the others have a one-year warranty

Brondell Swash and ECOSeat bidet models

Brondell names its products with "luxury," "advanced," and "essential" tags. The most advanced units have the following:

  • Reservoir heating system
  • Heated seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • Deodorizer

Having many products to choose from means you can match your needs with a unit that offers what you want. The website, though, does not make it simple. That's why we gathered the most important information about each Brondell Swash and EcoSeat bidet model so you can consider all of your Brondell bidet options.

When you're shopping for a bidet, it's important to look at all the options. If you don't need all of the bells and whistles, you may want to look elsewhere for a less luxurious model. If you're looking into a Swash model, the explanation of features is pretty straightforward.

  • Swash 1400: This is among the best bidets out there and our top pick out of all the Brondell models. It's a luxury bidet in its truest form, and this unit lets you sterilize two nozzles on demand, adjust the spray width, and enjoy self-cleaning and warm water features.
  • Swash 1200: This luxury model includes a double stainless wash nozzle, as well as an adjustable spray width and endless warm water.
  • Swash 1000: As a luxury bidet, this model has on-demand nozzle sterilization for the single nozzle and endless warm water with adjustable spray width.
  • Swash DR802: This is another luxury bidet model with a single nozzle and continuous heated water.
  • Swash EM617: As a bidet seat in the advanced category, the Swash EM617 has one stainless nozzle, a hybrid water heating system, and a warm air dryer.
  • Swash DS725: This advanced bidet is known for its single nozzle, night-light, and deodorizer.
  • Swash SE400: This is another advanced bidet that has a single oscillating nozzle, heated seat, and air dryer. However, this model does not have a wireless remote control.
  • Swash 300: An advanced bidet, this model has a heated seat and water. It was one of the units that got a lot of praise online for offering a good range of luxury essentials without having to spend top dollar, as it's the lowest-priced bidet seat that uses electricity.
  • Swash BL97: This model is dubbed an essential bidet seat with one stainless steel nozzle, heated seat, night-light, and adjustable water temperature and pressure.
  • Swash SE600: The SE600 is another advanced bidet that has a night-light and air dryer.
  • Swash LT89: You can control this advanced bidet using the attached panel.
  • Swash LT99: This advanced bidet has a stainless steel nozzle and customizable wash settings.
  • Swash LE89: You can save individual user settings with this advanced bidet.
  • Swash LE99: This is an advanced bidet with an eco-mode to save energy.
  • Swash IS707: You can use the panel attached to this advanced bidet to control its single nozzle.
  • Swash CL950: This advanced bidet has a nozzle you can position for a tailored clean.
  • SwashCL1500: You can use strong and gentle wash settings on this advanced bidet.
  • Swash CL1700: This is an advanced bidet with custom wash capabilities.
  • ECOSeat S101: As a bidet seat with no electricity needed, this model does not offer adjustable water temperature, a safety seat sensor, or a heated seat.
  • ECOSeat S102: This is a bidet seat with dual temperatures and no electricity needed.

Brondell bidet attachments

The company makes several bidet attachments, including:

  • Freshspa Comfort+
  • SimpleSpa Thinline
  • Purespa
  • Easyspa
  • Southspa (for left-handed people)

The Comfort+ models are the FSR-15 and the FSR-25. The FSR-15 doesn't allow you to adjust the warm water features. It also hooks up to your toilet's clean waterline. The FSR-25 has warm water options and hooks up to your sink's hot waterline.

The SimpleSpa Thinline only lets you control pressure, which could be painful. These cost under $100; the more expensive units offer adjustable water temperature and pressure. Some have nozzles with adjustable positioning, and others do not require electricity.

Customer service and reviews for Brondell bidets

Brondell bidets get positive reviews, especially for design. Online reviews note a few glitches with some models, and some users complained that their bidets didn't have enough heated water to go through a cycle. Others reported issues getting in touch with customer service or finding the model that fit their needs on the Brondell website.

—Ted R. (verified buyer, Amazon)

"I've had this a month and am very happy with it. As a disabled person, going to the toilet is a hassle, and this reduces the hassle greatly. It's not hard to program, though it's not easy to remember the procedure so need to dig out the manual every time. I do wish the rear part was a little farther back."

—Ted R. (verified buyer, Amazon)

—Ryan B. (verified buyer, Amazon)

"The new unit is not able to provide a consistent stream of heated water for more than 2-3 seconds, regardless of the spray width or temp selected. Additionally, the unit suffers from the widely reported immediate cold water blast (even when you can hear the water heater working prior to spraying). The final issue I am having is that the water temp will wildly swing from moderate to scalding, and back to moderate, within a span of a few seconds. A TON of water temp issues with both units is a bad sign of a larger design problem."

—Ryan B. (verified buyer, Amazon)

—Health & Wellbeing (verified buyer, Amazon)

"The price is great, it is fairly easy to install and has lots of features. However, the water, that was supposed to be heated (on the unit we received, anyway) first sprayed cold, before heating up, every time. The cold burst wasn't pleasant. The seat barely heated up - only a little in the back, but not on the sides or front."

—Health & Wellbeing (verified buyer, Amazon)

What to consider before buying a bidet

Once you know what features you want—and which may not matter as much—you can customize your search.

Ask yourself these questions before buying a bidet:

  • Do you want a seat safety sensor that can tell if someone is seated to avoid a potential mess?
  • Do you have the electrical outlet capability? Brondell makes some units that do not need electricity.
  • How will you install the unit? You probably won't have to hire a plumber unless you have room configuration and/or wire issues.
  • What shape or color do you need? Some companies don't offer a wide range of colors, but Brondell does make white and beige options.

Frequently asked questions

What are the cost and payment options for a Brondell Bidet?

A bidet toilet seat will set you back anywhere from $139.99 to $649.99. Bidet attachments cost anywhere from $49.99 to $89.99.

What is the best bidet on the market?

If you're looking at top luxury models, the Brondell Swash 1400 is certainly a competitor.

What are the cost and payment options for a Brondell Are bidet toilets worth it?

If you are comfortable with a water clean, then you may enjoy a bidet. It's all about personal preference. If you do like a water clean instead of toilet paper, then it's a matter of choosing factors like water temperature to customize the experience you like most.

Choosing a bidet over toilet paper comes with many perks, including environmental benefits and relief if you have certain conditions like constipation or hemorrhoids. Because bidets offer hands-free cleaning after bathroom use, they can also be extremely worth it if you are an older adult or have limited mobility or a disability.

How do you clean a Brondell bidet?

You'll need to clean the bidet the same way you would a regular toilet or toilet seat. Even though some of the luxury units have self-cleaning capabilities, you'll still want to clean your bidet including the seat and any metal nozzles. Brondell recommends using gentle cleansers. The company notes that some Swash models have a mesh filter between the plumbing and nozzle, which you should clean annually.

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