“I woke up this morning without lumbar pain for the first time in 3 years.”

By Braelyn Wood
July 06, 2020
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Laying in bed should be the ultimate source of relaxation, but for some people it triggers a long list of health problems. That’s because beds typically encourage flat sleeping positions, which put pressure on the head and neck and disrupt the body’s alignment. While that’s not an issue for everyone, it can often make symptoms worse for people suffering from back pain, acid reflux, or sleep apnea

An easy way to alleviate these mild symptoms and turn the bedroom back into an oasis? Swapping to an elevated sleeping position with a foam pillow wedge. The foam support keeps the chest aligned above the stomach while remaining soft enough to sleep on. But determining which wedge to purchase is easier said than done: A quick search on Amazon yields more than 1,000 results. Luckily, shoppers are convinced they’ve found the best one in Brentwood Home’s Zuma Wedge Pillow ($34, marked down from $40; amazon.com).

The popular pick has collected hundreds of 5-star reviews from users who swear it’s fixed every sleeping problem under the sun, er moon, from snoring to sleep apnea. The plush pillow stands out from other designs thanks to its therapeutic foam. It has a medium density that’s like the Goldilocks of support: It’s soft enough for sleeping, but durable enough for years of use. When constructed into a gradual slope, it’s the perfect pick to alleviate pressure in the upper or lower body.

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow
Credit: Amazon

As a result, it’s been called everything from a “godsend” for back pain to a “miracle” for shoulder pain. Reviewers also write that its elevated surface is ideal for preventing the primary symptoms of acid reflux and sleep apnea, which means it’s given many users the best sleep of their lives. And it’s not just the buyer catching more zzzs. One reviewer wrote it helped their husband who “snores like a dragon” to finally sleep quietly, which meant the entire household could get a better snooze. 

 “Results? Yes! I woke up this morning without lumbar pain for the first time in 3 years,” wrote one reviewer struggling with herniated discs. “Can you imagine being miserable every day, every moment, and thinking it was going to be forever? That was me. This wedge gives me hope. It allows me to sleep on my back, it relieves pain so that I feel like I can do normal things. This pillow changed my life, and I'm virtually pain-free in my L-spine.”

Another buyer raved: “I have suffered with acid reflux since I was 13 (it runs in my family) and I have done everything under the sun to help and nothing (other than changing my eating habits), NOTHING has helped as much as this pillow. It offers the perfect amount of support, is comfortable, and doesn't overheat.”

You can shop the foam wedge in a small 7-inch, medium 10-inch, or large 12-inch size. Shoppers say the smallest wedges are ideal for issues like acid reflux, while the larger picks are great for neck or shoulder pain. Regardless of size, the pillow is covered in a removable bamboo case that’s machine-washable. Plus, the breathable fabric is cooling, so it prevents overheating that’s notorious with foam pillows. 

Of course, you don’t need to have sleep issues to benefit from this pillow. Its supportive design is perfect for simply watching TV in bed or reading a book. Basically, everyone in the family can benefit from having this pillow around. Luckily, you can snag select sizes on sale at Amazon right now. So get moving: It’s time to turn your bed back into a relaxing oasis.

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