Bio Bidet Review 2022: Pricing, Features, and More

Looking for a bidet to tidy your tushy? Bio Bidet has an option for every budget.

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Key takeaways

  • Bio Bidet has been in the bathroom accessory business for more than 90 years.
  • The company is known for a range of customizable bidet toilets, seats, and attachments.
  • The self-cleaning nozzle shifts between three washes: posterior, feminine, and enema.
  • The heating technology warms water for comfort.
  • Prices range from $49 to $699.
  • Products are backed by one- to three-year warranties.

While much of the U.S. is new to the bidet scene, Bio Bidet is not. Designing bathroom products for almost a century, the company manufactures many of the market's top-selling bidets and attachments. Bio Bidet is known for products with customizable, high-end features, and it's backed by solid customer service and warranties.

We know bidet users seek out these toilet accessories for a variety of reasons, including comfort and convenience as well as hygiene and medical concerns. A team of testersresearched leading Bio Bidet products to see how they meet customers' needs and budgets. In this process, they vetted three customer favorites—considering aesthetics, price, technology, and reviews—to help buyers understand what they're getting when they go with Bio Bidet.


  • Patented hybrid water-heating technology supplies endless warm water
  • Upgrades include night-lights, seat warmers, range in wash pressure, bubble infusion, slow-closing lid, air deodorizer
  • Bidet seats controlled via remote
  • Stainless steel, self-cleaning nozzles
  • Easy-to-install attachment that doesn't connect to electricity
  • Attachment knob designed to fit natural angle of hand
  • Financing available through Affirm


  • Seats may increase electricity bills
  • Some reviews mention the seat lids are thin and not weight-bearing, compared to the sturdiness of the seat
  • Bidets with a tank heater store about 30 seconds of warm water before it cools

Features to consider

In a bidet market that can overwhelm you with options, the testing team told Health to consider these features as you choose your ideal setup:

  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Adjustable wash modes
  • Heating tank, on-demand heater, or a hybrid system
  • Bidet type: toilet, seat, or attachment
  • Night-light
  • Remote control versus knob
  • Seat warmer
  • Air dry function
  • Massage, pulsating, or oscillating modes
  • Enema feature
  • Professional or DIY installation

Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat

Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat

The Bio Bidet flagship model, the Bliss BB-2000, makes a normally less-than-glamorous trip to the bathroom feel luxurious. First, it's controlled by a sleek, wireless remote that allows you to adjust water temperature and pressure and turn up the seat warmer on a cold night. This feature is as practical as it is stylish; choose from black or white remotes to match your bathroom decor.

Refined cleansing experience

Luxury features aside, customers tend to agree that this bidet gets the job done. The BB-2000 uses a three-in-one spray nozzle that alternates between the posterior wash, feminine wash, and the vortex water stream, an enema feature that can help alleviate constipation. While the BB-1000 model is equipped with a stronger pressure wash, the BB-2000 incorporates more bubbles for a refined cleansing experience.

Speaking of comfort, hybrid heating technology keeps the water warm so you're not surprised by a cold shock when the warm water runs out. It uses two heating systems at once, warming water in a reservoir and heating it on demand, providing an endless supply of warm water.

Family-friendly features

Families and large households report that they appreciate the hybrid heating as it allows quick turnover of the bidet. With some heating tank bidets, the next user has to wait five minutes for the water to warm up again, but the BB-2000 heats water in real time. Another family-friendly feature is the kids-mode, a wash option that delivers a softer water pressure and cooler temperatures.

Some buyers are in the bidet market for medical reasons, because bidets make it easier to clean oneself for those with some disabilities, injuries, or a loss of dexterity. Many of these customers also appreciate the enema and Sitz-bath features of the BB-2000.

Handy buyers should have no issue installing this bidet seat, but note that it does require an electrical hook up. It will impact your electric bill as well, but Bio Bidet predicts that it won't increase by more than $20 a year.

Size and self-cleaning features

At 15 inches, the BB-2000 can accommodate a range of sizes and support users up to 450 pounds. Customer reviews say that while the seat is quite sturdy, the lid is not weight bearing like many traditional toilet seat lids.

The BB-2000 doesn't just clean you; it incorporates self-cleaning and autowash technology. The stainless steel nozzle self-cleans at the touch of a button. The bidet toilet seat itself has a high-end look, with a pearlescent finish to the top bar.

Price: $699

Features: Patented hybrid heating technology, self-cleaning nozzle, night-light, three-in-one stainless steel nozzle, highest water volume and water pressure spray, remote control in black-and-white options, bubble-infused technology, touchscreen side panel, heated seat, slow-closing lid

Warranty: Three-year, 100%-coverage warranty

Financing: Yes. Pay $64 through Affirm.

BB-1000 Supreme bidet seat

BB-1000 Supreme bidet seat

The BB-1000 Supreme is the most popular Bio Bidet model for good reason. It pairs luxury features with an affordable price tag. Like the BB-2000, this model uses a signature three-in-one nozzle with options for the posterior wash, feminine wash with bubble infusion technology, and vortex stream to assist with constipation.

Luxury options and simple interface

The BB-1000 is also controlled by a remote designed with a simple interface and large buttons. You'll have access to every luxury function with a straightforward visual system, all in your hand.

The patented, heated water reservoir sets this bidet apart. Water is stored and preheated in the tank, ready to deliver your exact desired temperature exactly when you want it, without unpleasant fluctuations in warmth. However, some user reviews complain that after about 30 seconds of use, the water begins to cool. It can also take up to five minutes for the tank water to reheat for the next use.

While this model is known for low energy consumption, it does require an electric hookup and will increase electricity usage slightly. Many users report that they were able to DIY install this seat; just be sure to measure your toilet bowl to know if its shape is round or elongated so you can order the right fit.

Features: Three-in-one nozzle system, oscillating, wide cleaning, pulsating, massage clearing, vortex water stream, bubble-infusion technology, self-cleaning nozzle

Price: $499

Financing: Yes. Pay $46 through Affirm

Warranty: Three-year limited warranty

SlimEdge bidet attachment


Bidet hopefuls on a budget—or those who just want easy installation—might opt for the SlimEdge bidet attachment versus installing an entire bidet toilet. These attachments make conversion to the bidet lifestyle simple so you can get to…business.

If you want to keep the professional plumber out of the mix, the SlimEdge attachment may be for you. And there's no need to mess with the electrical, as it runs on water pressure rather than electricity. Simply attach the SlimEdge to your toilet and connect to your fresh waterline. With 15 minutes and only a couple of tools, you can completely refresh your bathroom routine.

Installation and convenience

The SlimEdge is the most popular Bio Bidet attachment, and customers note the ease of both the DIY installation and convenience of daily use. The attachment knob is designed to comfortably fit the natural angle of your hand. The dial adjusts water pressure levels so you can physically feel, rather than visually check, the increase in pressure. This feature is recommended for those with limited mobility or who just can't comfortably check which level they are selecting.

Customers tight on space also comment that this attachment is an easier fit for a small bathroom than installing a large freestanding unit. The SlimEdge is aptly named, designed as a thin, subtle option among other brands' more clunky bidet attachments.

Just because it comes in a small package doesn't mean it isn't powerful. In fact, some are surprised by the power of its highest pressure settings. Be sure to test out the nozzle ahead of time to spare your bum.

Economical choice

While it may not have the bells and whistles of the BB-2000 or BB-1000, the understated SlimEdge is an economical choice both up front and over time. At $49, it comes with an affordable price tag, and it won't increase your electricity bill. The SlimEdge also makes it easy to convert every toilet in a household to a bidet.

The SlimEdge is a basic starter bidet attachment. Consider upgrading to the SlimGlow ($59) for a similar experience, plus a soothing blue night-light.

Price: $49

Features: Relax fit, dual nozzle spray, brass valve, ultrathin design, double-sided body, adjustable water pressure, braided water hose.

Warranty: One-year, 100%-coverage warranty

Customer service and reviews for Bio Bidet

Customers report that Bio Bidet is responsive to questions and issues, offering support and education five days a week via phone call, chat, or email. Buyers can also use the Q&A section of the website to learn how other users navigated similar questions.

The bidet testing team gathered independent reviews from real users. They include comments on installation and customer services, as well as product design and quality. The testers noticed a pattern of buyers describing issues with the fit and installation, as well as a number of users who fell back on the product warranty to replace parts or make free returns. Overall, the reviews for Bio Bidet products were positive, especially when it came to daily use of the products post-installation.

Customer reviews


"Super simple design, but packs a powerful punch! The install was easy - don't be afraid to get dirty if your bathroom isn't clean :-) Worth every penny and provides what toilet paper alone cannot. Definitely recommend :-)"



"I've been talking about getting a bidet toilet for years, having experienced one in Japan, and was not disappointed with the BB2000! It does a very nice job in cleaning your bum thoroughly and the temperature control and other features work very nicely....The only downside was the instructions were relatively poorly written. My new house has push/pull water inlet valves and this was not covered in the instructions (you do not remove the outlet hose from the valve) and probably should have been. The language appears to be written by a non-native English speaker with typos and odd sentences at times. There are some videos out there which got me through the process and, above and beyond the valve issue and a few other areas I had the whole thing installed in about a half an hour."



"I purchased my first Bio Bidet SlimEdge Toilet Attachment a few months ago to put in the Master bathroom. I really like the bidet and can't understand why toilets in the USA don't have these built in like the European toilets do. I enjoy (yes, enjoy) this so much I bought another one and installed in one of our second story bathrooms. Glad I don't have to go downstairs to feel clean."



"I've had BioBidet products now for several years, including the BB-1000, BB-2000, and Bio SlimEdge. I recently moved to a new apartment with power outlets near each toilet, so I bought new BB-2000's for each bathroom. These are incredible products and worth every penny. If you can afford the BB-2000, I highly recommend it. In addition to looking modern and sleek, the night light is extremely useful. Installation is simple. And, these are highly reliable and easy to operate. I'm so glad to be back in a new apartment where I could go back to the BB-2000."


The bottom line

After poring over customer reviews and researching the brand, the testing team told Health that what they like most about Bio Bidet is the ability to customize your product and experience. The right fit is there for every kind of bidet user.

Some will prefer to keep it basic and low cost, sticking with the SlimEdge attachment. Others will be ready to level up to the BB-1000, with its heater water tank and pulsing massage features. Then other users will be looking to upgrade to the BB-2000 with all its bells and whistles for a luxury bathroom experience: notably, the seat warmer, night-light, and air dryer. Really dedicated bidet users may even start looking at the smart toilet models.

The medical benefits of Bio Bidet also shouldn't be overlooked—users with limited mobility or medical concerns may appreciate the option of hands-free cleaning. The impressive customer support and strong user reviews made the bidet testing team confident that Bio Bidet backs what it advertises.

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