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Prepare yourself for some serious pain relief.

By Madison Alcedo
January 07, 2020

Do a quick Google search on heating pads, and you’ll find that most of the results are associated with some sort of body pain. That means a lot of people are in the same boat as you—they’re looking for an easy way to get rid of pain fast or nurse their muscles back to health after an intense workout.

Heating pads can be a great tool to help soothe pain at home, whether it’s period cramps or sore muscles from exercise. Acute low back pain is another common health concern that may benefit from heating pads. It makes sense that people are constantly looking for the best heating pads to relieve many different forms of muscle discomfort.

How do heating pads help with pain?

While forms of heat therapy—or thermotherapy—such as mud baths, steam treatments, and hot springs have been used for centuries, we still turn to them today as a remedy for everyday aches and pains.

A small 2016 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research found that consistent use of heat therapy with a heated water bottle reduced pain for a sample of adults compared to those who took an oral naproxen pain reliever. Heat can help relax tense uterine muscles, too, which explains why heating pads can be so beneficial for menstrual cramps. A 2001 study in Obstetrics and Gynecology found that heating pads helped alleviate period cramps in participants who used them compared to those who wore an unheated, placebo patch.

It's important to note that heating pads and wraps are usually a short-term fix for acute pain. Always consult your doctor about any major pain you’re experiencing (for example, there are different types of back pain to consider, and not all can benefit from heating pads).

What are the best heating pads to alleviate soreness?

Instead of shopping store-to-store comparing too-many-to-count versions of heating pads, we’ve turned to Amazon to help us find the top-rated heating pads that check all the boxes. Here, are the best options for fast pain relief from menstrual cramps, neck pain, and more.

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