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You can *officially* release your significant other from foot rub duties.

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After a butt-kicking workout or long day at work, it's not uncommon to ask your partner (or shamelessly beg your roommate) for a relaxing foot massage. But if you live alone, are unbearably ticklish, or just self-conscious, might we recommend a device that you can manually adjust to suit your needs—and won't comment about your calluses or stinky feet?

Enter: foot massagers! Not only are these devices extremely calming, but they help promote better blood flow, as well as relieve chronic and nerve pain, whether from running and exercising or excruciating foot ailments like plantar fasciitis and edema. And even if you just have tender feet from working all day, a foot massager can give you a little R&R. Slap on a face mask, turn on Netflix, and pop those barking dogs into the massager.

We've rounded up the most popular foot massagers on Amazon to relieve uncomfortable tension in your feet (and let your partner off the hook for foot rub duty).

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