The Best Air Purifiers for Allergies, and How to Pick the Right One for Your Home

Breathe easier at home with a HEPA air purifier, which will clear dust, smoke, VOCs, and other allergens from the air. 

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Best air purifiers for allergies

You may consider your home a safe haven from allergens. But get this: Even though you can't necessarily tell by looking at it, indoor air is often twice as polluted as outdoor air thanks to dust, mold, and chemicals that accumulate in the enclosed space over time. That's why experts recommend investing in an air purifier, which is known for filtering out allergens from your home and enhancing the quality of your breathing air.

"Some things like dust mites might only be in the air for 20 to 30 minutes, but if something floats around for hours, like cat antigen, dog antigen, cockroaches, or mold, you want an air purifier on to trap it," says Timothy Craig, DO, a professor at Penn State's Center for Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gasses from cigarette smoke, paints, furniture, copiers, cleaning supplies, and dry-cleaned clothes can also lead to symptoms of "sick building syndrome," like headaches and fatigue.

Below, explore the best air purifiers for allergies that will help alleviate your symptoms and freshen up your home.

The 12 best air purifiers for allergies you can buy:

What to consider when buying an air purifier

When shopping for an air purifier, make sure it uses a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. This type of filter meets certain standards set by the United States Department of Energy, like the ability to remove 99.97% of tiny (0.3 micrometer or bigger) airborne particles. Dr. Craig says this type of filter is extremely effective at removing any airborne allergens and should remain on at all times in order to reach its full air-cleaning potential. Just make sure to replace the filter as often as the manufacturer suggests, usually every six months to two years.

Speaking of filtration systems, it's best to opt for a model that contains multiple filters to eliminate more particles from the air. You can also take the air purifier's size and features into consideration to ensure that it will be a right fit for your home. There are options that have automatic sensors and will begin filtering the air on their own, as well as some that have multiple power settings for increased filtration performance and can accommodate large rooms. If you're looking to decrease the allergens in your bedroom so you can wake up well-rested, you'll want to choose an air purifier that has a sleep mode or quiet fan option as to not disturb you.

Other ways you can reduce indoor allergens

An air purifier is just one way that you can reduce the number of airborne allergens in your home. According to Payel Gupta, MD, FACAAI, a New York City-based allergist, household chores like vacuuming and laundry can also make a huge difference.

"Vacuum frequently, give your pets baths more frequently to help with dander, and wash your sheets in hot water at least once a week for dust mite allergies," she tells Health. "It's important to remember that where you sleep should be kept free of animal dander as much as possible. Not allowing your pet to sleep in your room is one of the most effective steps you can take in reducing your exposure to your pet."

Here, we share the best HEPA-filter air purifiers worth trying out for a cleaner, healthier home.

Best Overall: Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier 3 Stages with Two Washable Pre-Filters

Thanks to its three-stage filtration system, the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is able to remove allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold in addition to other irritants like smoke and odors. Its 360-degree design allows for increased air intake, so you can place it anywhere without compromising its performance. This quiet model, which has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, is best suited for medium and large sized rooms and automatically does a scan of the air every 12 minutes on the hour.

"I am incredibly impressed with this purifier," shared one reviewer, who has an allergy to dust. "We plugged it in and within a few hours you could notice the air was cleaner. It smelled nice inside and felt lighter."

Price at time of publication: $320

Best for Germs: GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System


One of Amazon's best-sellers in the "HEPA Filter Air Purifier" category, with more than 9,000 five-star ratings from customers, this tower-shaped air purifier combines a HEPA filter, charcoal filter, and UV-C light to get your home dust-free. Another perk: It also eliminates odors from pets and smoking and kills airborne bacteria in its tracks.

One buyer with a cat went as far as to call it "life changing": "We have two cats in our 4,000-square foot house. When my sister came from out of state, she asked if our cats ran away. She said our home had zero odor or scents, which is what I was going for."

Price at time of publication: $100

Best for Bedrooms: Levoit Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifier

If you're someone that has trouble sleeping because of allergies or always wakes up with scratchy eyes or a stuffy nose, putting an air purifier in your room will help alleviate your symptoms and help you get a good night's sleep. A smaller option that'll fit perfectly on your dresser or nightstand, this quiet HEPA air filter from Levoit circulates the room four times per hour and uses a three-stage filtration system to keep the surrounding air free of allergens without disturbing your slumber. You can also choose from three filter speeds, depending on the size of your space, and two brightness levels for the nightlight function.

"I've had this purifier for five days and can already tell a huge difference in my allergy and sinus issues," raved a customer. "My right nostril is constantly clogged and by the second day of running this I could finally breathe through both nostrils upon waking. There is a noticeable difference in the air when I walk into my bedroom where I keep the Levoit filter from the rest of my home. No more musty smell. If you have any sort of allergy or breathing problem, I highly recommend this."

Price at time of publication: $90

Best Budget: Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier


Looking for an affordable option? This miniature filter comes in at less than $70 and still offers HEPA-grade filtration. Perfect for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and other mid-sized rooms, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier has three speed settings for customized filtration. Place it on a shelf or under your desk and you won't even remember it's there. Reviews praise this model's near-perfect silence, too.

"We have two of these air purifiers and have had them for about eight months," shared a shopper. "They really do work at removing dust. We don't sneeze daily anymore. And my 10-year-old daughter does not suffer from asthma anymore. We run these 24/7 on high and never had any issues. They are worth the cost."

Price at time of publication: $80

Best for Dust: Coway Mighty Air Purifier


The sleek, compact design of this air purifier will make it anything but an eyesore in your home. Its four-stage filtration system features a HEPA filter and is able to pull dust particles of all sizes from the air. It also captures other airborne allergens including pet dander and mold, which can alleviate symptoms related to asthma as well. A built-in air quality sensor alerts the machine when it needs to do double time on eliminating those pesky allergens. If no allergens are detected in a 30-minute span, the machine temporarily turns off to save power.

One reviewer noted just how sensitive it is: "I've had this purifier for 2-1/2 years and still absolutely love it. The filters aren't unreasonably expensive nor do I have to replace them too frequently. It's very sensitive and kicks on when I cook, even though it isn't in the kitchen. In fact, it's so sensitive that a dog fart has been known to get it going to filter the air. If that's not a selling point, I don't know what is."

Price at time of publication: $230

Best with Cooling: Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier


Before you go into sticker shock over this purifier, hear us out: Dyson is known for creating quality home products (vacuums and blow dryers included) and reviews laud the product's state-of-the-art design. This model automatically detects allergens, odors, and pollutants and comes with a remote control and app that provides real-time air quality data and alerts when your HEPA filter should be replaced. Impressive air purification abilities aside, the Pure Cool Link Air Purifier also acts as a fan to keep your home cool, which comes in handy in the warm weather months. It's especially great for bedrooms thanks to its quiet nighttime mode and sleep timer.

"I have a small house and the air can get stuffy," said a customer. "Or if I cook my whole house will smell like that meal for a day. This has solved these problems. It looks great and will make the air in your house crisp and clean. I've also struggled with allergies my entire life and haven't had an issue in the last two months since I've bought this."

Best for Pet Owners: Alen BreatheSmart Flex Customizable Air Purifier


Yes, you can keep your air pure and your home stylish all at once. Alen's device comes in 14 colors to fit any style. But most impressive is its B4-Pure filter, which quickly clears the air of allergy and asthma triggers like pet dander, mold, and dust. That and it's lifetime warranty, of course. It circulates the room every 30 minutes for optimal air purification and has a medical-grade HEPA filter that removes 99.99% bacteria, aerosolized viruses, and airborne particles larger than 0.1 micron. Dog and cat owners will be delighted to know that it successfully neutralizes pet odors as well.

"I bought this air purifier because I adopted a cat, and I am allergic to cats," one shopper began their review. "So I would wake up completely stuffed up and pretty close to having an asthma attack. I have no issues breathing anymore, my nose is never stuffed up anymore and I wake up feeling refreshed. My overall sleep quality has improved tremendously as well."

Price at time of publication: $388

Best for Large Rooms: Honeywell HEPA Extra-Large Room Air Purifier

Honeywell HPA300 HEPA, Extra-Large Room

Designed for extra large spaces, this heavy-duty model from Honeywell effortlessly covers rooms up to 465 square feet and effectively reduces allergens like pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold with its three-level cleaning system, which includes a HEPA filter for germs. It runs five times every hour to ensure high-quality air and even comes with a Turbo Clean feature for big cleaning jobs. Light sleepers will enjoy its multiple light dimmer settings and quiet motor.

"I have noticed less dust on my furniture and the air in my home just feels lighter," explained one customer. "I just changed the carbon filter and it was totally disgusting. I just couldn't believe how filthy-dirty it was. It had pet hair along with dust, and lots of it. I'm so glad it was on the filter and not in my house, or worse yet in my lungs. If you're on the fence about this product, buy it knowing it really works and cleans your air inside your home!"

Price at time of publication: $270

Best Portable: Sans Air Purifier

Sans HEPA 13 Air Purifier - 780ft² ultra-quiet home air purifier

Recommended by Dr. Gupta for its high-performing filtration system, which includes both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, the Sans Air Purifier constantly monitors the quality of your air and removes allergens, pollutants, and germs to promote healthier breathing. It can cover up to 780 square feet and features a convenient carrying handle, which makes it travel-friendly and easy to transport from room to room.

"I live in a big city and have a hard time with allergies and asthma," noted one shopper. "After using this for a few days now, I can tell an instant difference. My coughing and sneezing has gone down tremendously and I imagine it will only get better with continued use."

Best for Odors: Veva 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier HEPA Filter

In addition to clearing the air of dust, pollen, and pet dander, this Amazon's Choice air purifier uses four activated carbon pre-filters to remove odors from your home, whether it's from cooking, pets, smoking, or other unpleasant-smelling agents. It has a HEPA filter to combat germs and comes equipped with three fan settings for customized purification. And thanks to its sleek tower fan design, you can place it in any room of your home without it creating clutter or hindering your decor scheme.

"When we moved into our new house, I chose my home office as the only room I would smoke in," said one reviewer. "I bought this product to try to spare my husband from that odor in the rest of the house. I waited 30 days to post this review and I can tell you it made a massive difference… it's quiet, doesn't affect phone conversations and I have not seen a difference in our electric bill."

Price at time of publication: $70

Best with Washable Filter: Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA

Cleaning the filter of the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier feels like less of a chore thanks to its washable design, which is made from activated carbon granules to ensure the effective removal of household odors. Combined with its HEPA filter and PlasmaWave technology, the 4.7-star rated model keeps your air clean of dust mites, pet dander, pollen, germs, and other airborne pollutants. Set it to auto mode so it can scan the quality of your air on its own with its smart sensors and get to work when needed.

"We could not be more pleased with the results," shared one Amazon shopper. "It is quiet, effective and easy to clean. No more dust or lint covered intakes. The fart test actually works and every time one of the dogs gets near it the red light comes on for a while. The washable charcoal filter and pre-filter makes this unit save a lot of money in filter replacement."

Price at time of publication: $250

Best for Baby and Kids: Fridababy 3-in-1 Air Purifier

3-in-1 Air Purifier + Sound Machine

This multitasking pick is an air purifier, sound machine, and nightlight all in one, ensuring that the nursery, kids' rooms, and playroom is fully-equipped with everything your little one needs for a healthy, good night's sleep. It uses a HEPA filter to remove smoke, odor, and germs from the air and features multiple fan settings that run on a timer and won't disturb your sleeping baby. Choose between multiple soothing sounds and four colors for their nightlight to create a peaceful ambience for your child.

"Who else has a baby or toddler that won't sleep?" asked one reviewer. "White noise has been a godsend for us for our baby since she was born. Now that she's a toddler, she prefers to go to sleep with a nightlight. Her bookshelf originally was crammed with every machine possible. Now Fridababy has helped us by putting everything together."

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