American Standard Walk-in Tubs: Pricing, Safety, Reviews in 2022

Does one of the American Standard walk-in tubs have the features you're looking for?

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Key takeaways

  • A trusted brand that's been around for over 150 years
  • Over 250 walk-in models to choose from
  • Prices from $4,850 to $13,179
  • Free, no-obligation assessment on tub options and installation cost
  • Warranties variable depending on the tub finish and model

Nearly 80% of accidents that happen in the bathroom are attributed to falls, making it essential for older adults and people at a high risk of falling take steps to improve bathroom safety and prevent falls at home. Walk-in tubs are a bathroom product that provides enhanced safety, comfort, and accessibility.

If you are shopping for a walk-in bathtub, American Standard is one of the leading brands to consider. Health editors explored the pros and cons of choosing an American Standard walk-in tub and weighed them all against the customer reviews, company policies, different models, and pricing options available to help you decide if this is the right brand for you.

Pros and cons of American Standard walk-in bathtubs

Let's take a quick look at the good and bad of choosing American Standard for your walk-in tub.


  • Hundreds of walk-in tub models
  • Quick Drain system drains in two minutes or less
  • More than 150 years in business
  • Free in-home evaluation
  • Optional luxury features


  • Free in-home evaluation only covers Liberation models
  • Advertised "lifetime warranty" only applies to specific models

Types of walk-in bathtubs

You have four categories of walk-in tubs to choose from that American Standard and other leading brands carry. These different kinds of tubs suit various needs, from cost savings to luxuriant pain relief.

Deep soaking tubs

Deep soaking tubs are the most affordable and straightforward walk-in tub. These basic models are much like a standard tub but designed for those with limited mobility. This tub comes with a leak-proof door, seat, and safety bar—but no jets.

A deep soaking tub tends to be a good fit for budget-conscious shoppers and people who like minimal upkeep. Additionally, they work well for people who do not enjoy the pressure of jets.

Walk-in whirlpool tubs

Also known as hydrotherapy tubs, whirlpool tubs provide massage with streams of water. Scientific studies have shown significant benefits of hydrotherapy in a variety of disease states. Targeted water jets may relieve tension and boost oxygenation, potentially easing pain caused by exercise or arthritis. Various scientific studies have shown significant benefit of hydrotherapy. If you have been in a hot tub, you're likely familiar with how whirlpool jets feel.

Walk-in air baths

A walk-in air bathtub is a massage tub similar to a whirlpool tub, but it expels jetted air instead of jetted water. Air jets are typically gentler than water jets, making them popular among people with sensitive skin.

Combo massage tubs

Combo massage bathtubs are the highest-end walk-in tubs. These tubs marry the benefits of air jets with those of water jets. Users have more control over strength and sensation, so couples with different needs can enjoy the same massage therapy tub.

Walk-in tub features to consider

Walk-in tubs are highly versatile. While all American Standard walk-in baths share standard features—including seats compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, safety bars, non-skid surfaces, leak-proof doors, and fast-draining technology—other options vary between models.

The various features influence your tub's look and feel, along with its durability and warranty. Below is a breakdown of the features available on American Standard walk-in baths.

Tub finish

American Standard bathtubs come in either premium acrylic or high-gloss Gelcoat tub coating. The high-gloss Gelcoat is the entry-level coating. While the Gelcoat is more affordable, it's more likely than the acrylic to stain or chip.

The acrylic material is known for its durability and stain resistance. Another distinction between the premium acrylic and Gelcoat finish tubs is the warranty. The premium acrylic tubs come with a more generous warranty.

Door design

Walk-in tubs help you safely and easily enter and exit your bath, and the right door influences your ability to do so. Here are the door design options you have when shopping for your best bathtub:

  • Door swing design: Inward-opening doors fit better in smaller spaces, while outward-swinging doors are better suited for people in wheelchairs. Typically, inward-swinging doors are less expensive, while outward-swinging doors are considered the safest for people with limited mobility.
  • Opening widths: Some tubs have extra-wide openings for wheelchair access, while others have narrow openings.
  • Door entry access: You can choose between a right-hand and left-hand entry door based on your dominant side.

Bathtub size

The right tub size depends upon your bathroom size, existing plumbing, budget, and personal needs and preferences. American Standard carries multiple dimensions that fit most bathrooms, including 24" x 48", 30" x 52", 32" x 52", and 30" x 60". An American Standard technician can help you determine the right tub size for your bathroom.

Luxury features

Many shoppers opt for a high-end walk-in bath for a spa experience at home. Here are some of the popular luxury add-ons that American Standard offers.

  • Self-cleaning ozone system: Available on most whirlpool and air jet models, this self-cleaning system keeps your tub fresh with minimal effort.
  • RevitaJet Hydrotherapy Jet system: The company's most luxurious tubs have 44 air or water jets, far more than your standard jetted tub.
  • Chromotherapy: Chromotherapy tubs have a light setup that colors the water. Choose from seven colors designed to influence mood and relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy: Some tubs have an aromatherapy design for added relaxation and customization.
  • In-line water heater: In-line heaters keep the water at your preferred temperature.
  • Handheld shower wand: Some models have a hand showering wand so that you can use the tub for showers and baths.

Walk-in bath cost and payment options

American Standard manufactures 259 walk-in tubs with prices ranging from $4,850 to $13,179. There are affordable and high-end deep soaking, whirlpool, air jet, and combo massage tubs.

You can pay for an American Standard tub using a credit card, cash, check, or financing. The same holds when you buy an American Standard tub from most third-party retailers like Home Depot.

Does Medicare pay for walk-in tubs?

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B do not cover walk-in tubs as they aren't considered durable medical equipment. However, there are rare cases where a walk-in tub is considered a medical necessity, and Original Medicare may provide assistance.

A Medicare Advantage plan is more likely to help cover the cost, but this is not guaranteed. Contact your plan to discuss your eligibility.

Installation cost

Walk-in bathtub installation is an additional fee. When you buy a walk-in bath directly from American Standard, a representative will install the tub. But if you go through a third-party retailer, like Home Depot, the third-party retailer does the installation.

If you buy from American Standard, you can schedule a free in-home evaluation to determine installation cost. During the evaluation, an American Standard technician comes to your home and examines your bathroom, home layout, plumbing, and electrical. They can then tell you the exact cost of walk-in bath installation and guide you toward the best baths for your home.

Standard installation typically costs around $700 to $1,500, but costs vary widely. For instance, some homeowners may decide to remodel their bathroom to accommodate their dream tub, while others are happy to buy whatever walk-in tub easily fits into their existing bathtub's spot.

Customer service and satisfaction

American Standard has been in business for over 150 years and is generally considered a trustworthy and reliable brand. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot with 533 customer reviews.

—Michael and Portia Amason (verified purchasers, Trustpilot)

"Great folks from start to finish!! Sales to service was top notch."

—Michael and Portia Amason (verified purchasers, Trustpilot)

—Paul and Cindy Rodgers (verified purchasers, Trustpilot)

"It takes time to wait for the part you need to arrive because it has to be shipped to you. Otherwise my service technician was very helpful getting in touch with us and quickly getting the tub repaired. My biggest complaint I have is this was a manufacturing defect. Didn't expect the tub to fail less than a month after being installed."

—Paul and Cindy Rodgers (verified purchasers, Trustpilot)

—Bob and Peggy Bumgarner (verified purchasers, Trustpilot)

"The two gentlemen that installed the unit were very knowledgeable and professional. Installation went very well. The unit itself does what it was advertised to do. The tub floor is a bit slippery so I put anti-skid pads on it seems to have solved that problem. I am very satisfied with the tub and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone."

—Bob and Peggy Bumgarner (verified purchasers, Trustpilot)

American Standard walk-in bathtub warranty

The Lifetime warranty that American Standard advertises applies only to its Liberation models. Most of its tubs come with shorter warranty periods that vary depending on the part of the tub.

Additionally, American Standard only sells and installs Liberation models. Other models are only available from third-party retailers that may have a separate warranty for labor and installation.

Tub Type Bathtub Warranty Tub Components Door Seal Labor & Installation
Gelcoat 10-year warranty 5-year warranty Lifetime N/A
Premium Acrylic 15-year warranty 10-year warranty Lifetime N/A
Liberation Models Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime

Bottom line

An American Standard walk-in bathtub can make your bathroom a safer and more luxurious space. The brand has earned a solid reputation over its 150+ years in business, and most customer reviews are positive. With American Standard, you can choose between over 250 walk-in tubs. So whether you want simplicity or high-end luxury, there are many tubs to fit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I return an American Standard tub?

You can only return a new walk-in tub that is still in its original packaging. Returns have a 15% restocking fee along with shipping fees. After bath installation, the bath is covered under warranty for defects but is not returnable.

How does American Standard compare to other brands?

American Standard is one of the oldest brands and has a solid reputation. American Standard walk-in baths fall at an average cost, and the company offers more models than most other brands. To see how American Standard compares to other companies, head over to our review of the best walk-in tubs.

How long does it take for a walk-in bath to drain?

American Standard walk-in tubs drain in less than two minutes thanks to patented Quick Drain technology—much faster than the average eight-minute drain time. Rapid draining helps you get dry and comfortable quickly.

Do I need a new water heater for a walk-in tub?

You may need to upgrade to a larger tank depending on the tub you choose. Many walk-in tubs require more water than your standard bathtub. Consider your water heater gallon size when buying a new walk-in tub.

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