The Allergen-Busting Roomba i7+ Has 10 Times More Suction Power Than Previous Models—and It's $100 Off Now

The self-emptying vacuum can identify high-trafficked areas and eliminate dirt, dust, and pet dander for a healthier home.

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iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

Regular vacuuming is a mainstay of controlling allergens in your home, considering pollen, plant irritants, and other allergens get carried in anytime you step outside, and indoor air is laden with dust mites and mold spores. However, we know you have more important ways to spend your time than vacuuming every nook and cranny every day.

That's where a high-quality smart robot vacuum comes in: The Roomba i7+, specifically, can help minimize the irritants in your home, keep your house clean, identify what areas need to be vacuumed more often, suggest more frequent cleaning during allergy season, and even empty itself—and you hardly have to lift a finger. The best part is that right now, the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum is $100 off as part of Amazon's Prime Early Access sale.

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

To buy: iRobot Roomba i7+, $650 (was $757);

The i7+ utilizes smart mapping of your house to keep track of which areas are highly trafficked and need to be cleaned more often, and then cleans your floors in neat, efficient rows to make sure all the ground is covered.

Since it's Wi-Fi-connected and compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, you can tell your Roomba where to clean in-the-moment, or you can set a schedule to regularly clear irritants out of specific rooms in your house. But this smart vacuum also offers recommendations for a healthier cleaning schedule for your household's routine and location, including suggesting extra cleanings when the pollen count outside is high or during seasons when your pet is shedding more.

And the i7+ cleans well: It utilizes an edge-sweeping brush around its rim to feed peripheral dirt into the center mouth, and then works its dual multi-surface rubber brushes at 10 times more power-lifting suction than previous models to suck up dirt, debris, and pet hair—all without damaging your hardwood floors. It also easily moves from wood to carpet to rugs without getting stuck.

One of the features that really sets the i7+ apart from other models, though, is that it self-empties its dirt compartment into the charging base, thanks to an entirely enclosed disposal bag you can drop in the trash after 60 days. This is not only less of a hassle for you, but it also means you're minimizing exposure to the irritants inside, compared to other designs where you have to open and empty the compartment yourself, which inevitably releases particles back into the air.

With more than 9,100 five-star ratings, the i7+ is Amazon's choice in the robotic vacuums by iRobot category. Reviewers say this super powerful machine is "well worth the money" and that it helps create "a sanctuary" from allergies. Many reviewers also call out how quiet the i7+ is and are impressed at how "exceptionally well" the mapping feature works.

The biggest raves, though, come from folks with a lot of pets and not a lot of time to clean: One reviewer who is a single parent with a full-time job, a dog, a cat, and allergy problems, says the i7+ has not only been a time saver, but has also significantly improved the cleanliness of their home, "diminishing allergy issues."

Another reviewer who used to sweep and swiffer multiple times a day to keep up with the irritants from their three dogs, rain, and dust, says they now run the i7+ every night and have an easier time breathing and less allergy symptoms. They call the machine "life changing" if you have pets or allergies.

A shopper in pollen-heavy Georgia who owns two cats says the mapping system on the i7+ is "genius" with its ability to move from hardwood to thick rugs to tile seamlessly, and there's "no dust or hair" on any of the floors. And a reviewer who has owned three Roombas and lives with two Bernese mountain dogs and two cats, says the i7+ is "far and away the best," and not only eliminates allergens but also hair, dirt, and odors from their carpet and hardwood floors.

While the first Amazon Prime Day 2022 was July 12-13, the second Amazon Prime Day is about to begin. Save big at the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, and look for some great deals on HEPA air purifiers, as well as electric toothbrushes and fitness trackers. But you don't have to wait to grab the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum at 14% off right now. A healthier home is just one click away.

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