5 Clutter Crises You Can Avoid

Stow what you need by adding storage all around the house. The experts at All You will show you how.

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A place for everything and every in its place, or so goes the old saying. The problem is that you probably have too many things and not enough closets or cabinets to put them in.

The solution? Furniture with built-in storage to help keep things tidy in every room in the house. These tips will get you started.

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Space for Me

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Clutter Crisis #1:

All I want is a little place just for me!

Forget about a room of one's own—most women would settle for a piece of furniture where they can sit, put on makeup, or write a note with personal items close at hand. Use small trays and boxes to organize space inside. Add more storage with a rolling file cabinet that's small enough to slide underneath.

Store more: Look for an armoire with a built-in desk that slides out or pulls down for extra storage. To maximize stowing capacity, couple the vanity with a storage ottoman.

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Vanity Details

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Provide easy access. Whether you use it for your makeup or your laptop, a lift-up compartment in a vanity is handy, and gives the piece just the slightest touch of femininity.

Narrow-Leg Vanity
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West Elm

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Living Room

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Clutter Crisis #2:

My living room is a dumping ground.

Books, toys, remote controls -- the biggest mess is almost certainly found in whichever room gets the most traffic. To control the chaos, select tables, consoles, and cabinets with plenty of shelves and drawers.

Store more: Furniture meant for other rooms of the house can often blend seamlessly into a living room. Try a chest of drawers, for instance, and let each family member lay claim to a drawer.

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Coffee Table

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Keep surfaces clean and clear. Seek out a coffee table with built-in drawers. It keeps your stuff in order and provides the perfect place for everything from pens to superhero action figures.

Apothecary Cocktail Table

Broyhill Furniture

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