Helen Massy

Hellen Massey
Education: Northumbria University - United Kingdom
Location: Shropshire, England, United Kingdom
Expertise: Sexual health, women's health, men's health, and mental health.

Helen has an extensive background as a health care professional and senior leader in the UK National Health Service, along with being a mother to three young children and a well-traveled military spouse. Over a decade of clinical experience as a respiratory specialist underpins her passion for opening discussion around taboo topics and decoding complex medical information. This eclectic mix of attributes brings a unique blend of clinical insight and life experience to her health writing.


Helen Massy began her career as a physiotherapist advancing to become a clinical specialist in respiratory disease. She worked clinically in the UK National Health Service for over a decade. Due to moving internationally as a military family, Helen decided to translate her clinical skills into beginning a career as a medical journalist. Starting out as a regular writer for the Medical News Bulletin and Verywell Health, Helen quickly became well known for opening up discussions around women’s health, men’s health, and sexual health. Helen now writes medical journalism for global companies and platforms, including Pfizer, Novartis, Giddy, and Zoe.

In a complex world, I want to provide evidence-based health information that is easily accessible to the general public. My goal is to decode scientific jargon and turn it into topical and relevant facts that everyone can understand. Knowledge is key in taking charge of your own health.


Helen has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Physiotherapy from Northumbria University and postgraduate qualifications in respiratory disease. 

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