Updated: May 13, 2008

So far there are only two birth control options for men: condoms and vasectomy. But stay tuned (in a few years) for some exciting new technologies.

1. Progestin shots plus testosterone cream
At the 2007 Future of Male Contraception conference in Seattle, University of Washington researchers announced the results of a study involving progestin shots every three months combined with a daily testosterone gel. It worked well, but less than half of the men studied liked it.

2. Removable vasectomy
Also unveiled were the positive results of the first U.S. study of the "Intra Vas Device," a set of plugs that acts like a vasectomy but is removable. It has also been shown to have no effect on future fertility when used short-term in animals—more human studies are needed to gauge any long-term effects.

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3. A pill for men
Researchers at Columbia University announced that they'd found a nonhormonal drug that works as a contraceptive in mice. Will it work in men? Stay tuned.

4. Dry orgasm
Another promising possibility: In 2006, researchers at Kings College, in London, announced that a couple of drugs for other conditions have the side effect of creating a "dry orgasm" in men. No semen, no sperm, no pregnancy. If a similar drug were developed for birth control use, it could be taken a few hours before having sex and be quickly reversible, with the effects wearing off after about 12 to 24 hours, researchers say.