By Lead writer: Louise Sloan
February 29, 2016

couple-condoms-hand"The specter of pregnancy is enough to get him to wrap it up."(TOMAS RODRIGUEZ/VEER)Los Angeleno Carmen Donovan (not her real name), 27, has a rock-solid condom policy designed to protect her from whatever sexually transmitted disease (STD) may come along. "It's not negotiable," she says. "If a guy refuses to wear a condom, he's not having sex with me. It's that simple."

But in the heat of the moment, not everyone is as strong-willed as Donovan, and some guys can be persistent. So she has devised a trick—one that only works for heterosexual women. It's not exactly truthful, but it gets it done.

"I don't tell a guy that I want him to wear a condom to protect me from STDs," she says. "I just tell him that I'm not on the Pill, and the specter of pregnancy is enough to get him to wrap it up."

Keep a condom handy
Having the condom within easy reach makes the whole routine easier. "I have this pretty box that's discreet," says Donovan.

"It's near my bed, and I can just reach under my nightstand. It has a little bottle of lube and it's got some condoms in it. So, I don't have to dig around to find it. It's right there."

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