Your Guide to Vegetarian Eating

Your 31-Day Eat-More-Veggies Plan

You know you should eat truckloads of veggies. But be honest: Do you? Here’s how to get more.
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Oh boy, soy!

If you’re a fan of cheese, you should love soy, which can have a similar texture. Soy may lower cholesterol, and since it is low in saturated fat, it’s a great source of lean protein in a heart-healthy diet. Look for natural sources of soy, like edamame, tempeh, or organic silken tofu. Try it in Spicy Asparagus-Tempeh Stir-Fry, Edamame ‘Guacamole’ With Chile-Dusted Pita Chips, or Edamame-and-Pear Crostini.