30-Day Cold- and Flu-Prevention Calendar

Achoo! Follow these tips to boost your chance of staying healthy during cold and flu season—or at least minimizing your downtime if you don’t.
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Neti your nose?

Yes, you can clear your sinuses by rinsing your nose with a neti pot—some people swear by this teapot-shaped container. But research has been mixed on its effectiveness. Some studies suggest that routine use can deplete the protective mucus in the nose and actually increase the risk of sinus infections. However, others suggest they can reduce the risk of ear infections in kids. Your best bet may be to avoid routine use, and use the pot for a few days if you're experiencing symptoms.
Fill it with warm water and add a bit of salt. Tilt your head to the side, and then pour the mixture into your upper nostril. The water will flow through your nasal passage and come out from the lower nostril. Repeat with second nostril.