By Lori Buckley, PsyD, CST
January 28, 2013

woman-lingerie-manTake a deep breath: Its not about the teddy. Your husband is really asking you to wear sexier lingerie because he thinks youre hot. The key to overcoming your insecurity is to find something you feel amazing in. If you choose what makes you feel sexy in a so-you way, youll feel more relaxed and up for bedroom adventure.

So where do you start? Think about the parts of your body you love—your strong legs, your shoulders, your cleavage? Then look for lingerie that accentuates those parts. Back in the bedroom, dont pick yourself apart in the mirror. We promise: Your husband wont be paying attention to your so-called flaws. Hell be too turned on by the sight of you and the fact that you granted his wish. If it makes you more comfortable, though, keep the lights low.