November 30, 2010

Practicing safe sex is key to overall health; to always be on the safe side, wear a condom, get tested for HIV and other STDs, communicate with your partner about concerns (are you worried hes not monogamous?), and avoid risky practices you may have done in the past.

Worried you or your partner may have a sexual addition? Discuss concerns with your partner, because it may be harmful to his health and yours. And if he has erectile dysfunction issues, it may be a sign of a serious issue like heart disease or diabetes, so its essential to see a doctor if your partner experiences symptoms.

Using the Pill is an effective birth control method—if youre a perfect Pill-taker youve got 97 percent protection against pregnancy, and given all the non-contraceptive benefits — lighter periods, no cramps, less acne, cancer defense, its a great option for your overall health.