Updated: September 07, 2010

Bethenny Frankel knows how to live the life of a skinny girl; try her tips on ordering the right light cocktails at a party and choosing the most healthful options over the holidays (stick to only two fancy hors doeuvres, for example).

Want healthy celebrity suggestions to get svelte for a big night? Jennifer Morrison never eats past fullness, Regina King tries to have at least one salad a day, Valerie Bertinelli loves low-cal soup, and AJ Cook likes to have a back-up plan for minor diet mess-ups.

If youre thinking of going vegan, Emily Deschanel suggests frequenting farmers markets and Alicia Silverstone recommends starting your own garden.

Find it hard to eat healthy on the go? Zooey Deschanel opts for health food stores instead of fast-food restaurants, Jessica Capshaw keeps a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar on hand, and Rachel Ray always makes sure her pantry is stocked, so she has options to take on the run.