Updated: September 07, 2010

•Look for styles that flatter your frame—accentuate what you like, and disguise what you dont. Whether you want to reduce your hips, minimize your tummy, or add a few curves to a boyish shape, here are some tips on how to dress for your body type.

•Find a good tailor. Clothes off the rack usually dont fit the same on everybody. When you have an item of clothing that leaves you feeling like a sad sack, darts may be all that you need to revamp the item. Add front and/or back darts to several shirts and dresses to give them shape. Its an easy fix that you can do at home if you have basic sewing skills.

•Shopping for a handbag? Fit is important. Consider your body type. Bags that are the opposite shape of your body type will be the most flattering. Looking through the racks in the petite section? Choose a small bag that wont overpower you. Curvy, hourglass figures should stick to structured bags that hit above the waist, whereas, thin, angular bodies look best with a bag with soft curves.