March 27, 2011
Zandy Mangold

beauty-expertsZandy MangoldFrom Health magazineColleen Sullivan
Beauty and Fashion Editor

Best Winter Tip: “To smooth your feet when they get rough in the winter, you have to get rid of the dry skin before you put on foot lotion. I love the Dr. Scholls micro file (page 40). You just rub it over your feet, and it gently sloughs off the rough stuff on your soles.”

beauty-expertsZandy MangoldJennifer Goldstein
Beauty and Fashion News Editor

Best Winter Tip: “My skin looks better in summer when I eat lots of antioxidant-rich berries and fresh fish, which has omega-3 fatty acids. Since I dont consume those as much in winter, I keep my skin glowing by taking an omega-3 supplement and spiking my water with an antioxidant drink.”

beauty-expertsZandy MangoldMelanie Rud
Beauty and Fashion Assistant

Best Winter Tip: “Heat up a pair of dry cotton socks in the microwave for 7 seconds, slather Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($5.49; drugstores) on your hands, then slip the warm socks on your hands for 10 minutes. Its like one of those spa paraffin treatments, but it costs a lot less!”