By Kimberly Holland
Updated November 21, 2009
Ericka McConnell

gift-wrapEricka McConnellWant to add a personal touch to gifts? Try the green and gorgeous Japanese Furoshiki method. “Theres nothing needed other than cloth,” says Wanda Wen, co-owner of Soolip Paperie & Press in West Hollywood, California.

Take a square piece of cloth (you can buy ones with double-sided patterns at or recycle barely-used scarfs) whose diagonal measurement is three times the length of the box youre wrapping. If your cloth only has a pattern on one side, face the plain side up. Place box at a diagonal in the middle of the cloth.

Take opposite corners, pull tightly, and tie them together in a single knot at the center of the top of the box.

Thread the two remaining ends underneath the knot, and tie a double knot over the existing knot to fully wrap the box. Done!