By Amanda MacMillan
Updated: November 17, 2008

Pop quiz: Your alarm goes off at 6 a.m. the morning after a busy day at work, a late-night dinner with friends, and only six hours of sleep. This will be your only time today to fit in a workout, but you really just want to hit snooze. What do you do?

The best answer for your health—or at least to reduce your risk of cancer—seems to be, simply, find a way to do both. To stay in shape and ward off disease, research suggests you should get moderate to vigorous exercise most days. But a new study shows that skimping on shuteye can counteract the positive effects of exercise on cancer risk reduction. It seems that the best way to protect our bodies from all types of cancer is the most obvious: Find time for physical activity, but also for sleep.

Luckily, sleep and exercise can go hand in hand: Work out midafternoon and you're more likely to sleep like a baby at night. Get seven or eight solid hours of z's and you'll have the energy to tackle the gym in the morning. The challenge is, of course, fitting it all in.

How to do balance sleep, exercise, and a hectic schedule? Do you ever have to sacrifice one or the other—and do you think it's impacting your health? Read the full article here, and share your thoughts below.