September 08, 2001

From Health magazine

The right gadgets can make a walking routine more fun—and boost your fitness by keeping you on the trail or road a little longer. Here, three new tools we love.

New Balance VIA Activity Monitor
This stealthy pedometer ($49.99) measures distance and calories burned, even while stowed in your pocket or purse. Studies show a pedometer can motivate you to walk more and help you lose weight.

Oakley Split Thump Sunglasses
OK, theyre slightly Matrix-like and kind of expensive ($249)—but their wireless 240-song MP3 player (the ear­buds are in the arms of the glasses) and ultraviolet-light protection totally make up for it.

Origo Paso Pedometer Watch
A major multitasker, this pedometer-watch combo ($40) keeps an accurate step count even if you switch between walking and running. It also allows easy timing of your routine and tracks calories burned and distance traveled.

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