Updated: September 10, 2008

sophia-bush-openerFrom Health magazine
Q: How do you combat stress?
A: Im definitely a person who gets stressed out, but we all have things that we learn over the years that beat it, whether it be calling my mom or my best friends to say hi, because hearing their voices make me feel better. Or go to the gym, take your dog for a walk, whatever. One thing Ive learned is you cant control a lot. Dont stress out about it, be pro-active about it.

Q:Youre always jumping on and off planes from L.A. to Wilmington. How do you stay healthy with all of that traveling?
A: I should probably do more. I drink a lot of water, I try to do three liters a day, and I carry hand sanitizer in my bag and make sure I use it a couple of times a day when Im flying. But you dont want to be too germ-free, because then you dont have any immunity to anything.

Q: Whats a typical Saturday night like for you?
A: It kind of depends. My girlfriends and go out once in a while. Its much more of a going-out town in Wilmington, but we go to little bars, we dont go to nightclubs. Sometimes we like to take our shoes off and dance and be silly, but its never, you know, on a table without underwear on. When Im in L.A. I dont want to go to clubs, I want to go to dinner. My three best friends and I are going to dinner tonight. When I was home for the Teen Choice Awards, we finished and everybody met up at a deli and we sat there noshing on chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese and just laughing together. Thats the stuff that I really love to do. That said, if you want to go out once a week or so? When were in North Carolina, you can find us at one of the little pubs downtown, whether were playing darts or pool. But once a week I think its perfectly healthy to blow off steam. Im not a party girl, but that doesnt mean I sit at home and watch old Shirley Maclaine movies and reruns of Golden Girls. But I could never go out and be one of the Hollywood party girls who goes out six nights a week. I would die!

You describe yourself as a bookworm-y nerd.
A: Yes! I love to read philosophy, fiction, biographies – I love it all. Im reading The Road by Cormack McCarthy right now – very heavy and really beautiful. And David Sedaris, which just makes me giggle.

Q: The beauty product that changed your life? This is for the girly side of you.
A: I wear sunscreen every day. I wish I was better and wore it all over my body but I wear sunscreen on my face and neck every day, 30 to 50 SPF every day, and if Im going to be outside all day, 70.

Q: Have you ever had trouble with your weight?
A: You know, I think we all have. I mean, listen, you could look up old episodes of my show and see when I was being far too friendly with the craft services table. And when Im in North Carolina I eat a lot of fried food. We all fluctuate. For me, particularly, because Im not particularly short or tall, Im 54”, and being athletically built, if I gain five pounds, it looks like a lot. You know, when that lovely female time of the month rolls around, Im like, ‘oh my God, can I have all my jeans a size up, please? My bodys very susceptible to all that stuff. But like I said, if you treat yourself in moderation when being bad or good–because who can be good all the time? Give me a break. But when I notice when my favorite jeans are getting a little too snug, Im like, ‘okay, gotta rein it a little. I shouldnt have dessert every night this week.