From Health magazine

Health wants to ensure that your day at the beach is, well, a day at the beach. Here, see our great finds to guard against sunburn, sore feet, and more.

Take cover Keep your skin safe from the sun with a cute, comfy cover-up like the Carly Dress by Angela Moore ($80; The best part? It covers you enough for a stroll around town.

Hold everything Why do we love the Beach Bag by Echo ($38; Its made of soft, washable terry cloth and has a nylon lining, so you dont have to worry about wet suits or leaky lotions turning your bag musty.

Super shades Between the sand and concrete, your shades can take a beating in summer. Solution: Soulsta Small Sunglasses by Adidas ($75;, which provide 100% UV protection and are scratch- and break-resistant.

Save your soles Take the “ouch” out of walking across hot sand with these extra-cushioned, waterproof Athens Flip-Flops by Crocs ($30;

Snack happy Resist ice cream truck temptation, and dig into a refreshing fruit salad instead. Freeze sliced bananas overnight, and toss with fresh sliced kiwifruit and strawberries before you head out. Serve in the FoldTuk Container ($16;, which collapses after use for easy toting.

SPF on the fly Packed in a convenient pop-up container, biodegradable Desert Essence Sunscreen Towelettes ($13; available at Whole Foods stores nationwide) make sun protection easy and less messy—think baby wipes with SPF 30. Just one is all you need to protect your entire body.

Lip service When you think sun protection, dont forget your lips. Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 ($14, shown, from left, in Sunset and Air Kiss; shields your mouth from harmful, aging rays for up to eight hours.

Stay hydrated If youre perspiring all day in the sun, you need more than the average eight cups of water a day to replace lost fluids. Get a head start by drinking a glass of water or electrolyte-based sports drink before heading out. Remember that food usually makes up 20% of your total fluid intake, so stock your cooler with healthy, hydrating snacks. Two great ones: watermelon and cucumber; both contain nearly 100% water by weight.