By Elena Rover
Updated June 18, 2008

By Elena Rover
From Health magazine
These two spas arent technically in the U.S., but our experts deemed them outstanding enough for honorable mention. Bonus: Theyre both excellent values.

Mexico: Rancho la Puerta
Tecate, Baja

This spa is great for serious fitness buffs (the hiking is legendary) who seek major de-stressing and flavorful organic food, grown on the premises.

Cost: $2,795 and up per week per person, double occupancy.

Canada: Spa Eastman
Eastman, Quebec

At this laid-back spot with gorgeous mountain views youll find a naturopathic health focus and plenty of inspiration in the hiking and ski trails.

Cost: $1,185 and up per week per person, double occupancy, all-inclusive.

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