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Germ warfare
Problem: Questionable public facilities. Solution: The Germ-Free Pak from Flight 001 ($32). Equipped with antibacterial wipes, toilet-seat covers, tissues, and more, this zip-top kit takes the I-wonder-who-has-been-here worry out of travel. Bonus: Its carry-on approved.

Tote-ally perfect
Inside the roomy Sonia Kashuk Travel Duffle ($39.99) are three clear Velcro-attached cosmetic bags for hassle-free security checks.

Power up
Say bye-bye to dead batteries—and miles of tangled power cords. The featherlight iGo Everywhere85 power adapter and charger ($130) is all you need to power your laptop, phone, PDA, or MP3 player. Plug it in wherever theres an outlet (in a wall, car, or airplane).

Safety blanket
Never share a germy airplane blanket again! Tucked into a small zipped bag, the Nap Sac Travel Blanket from Lug ($28) folds out to a supersoft blanket (with an inflatable pillow), so you can get comfy no matter where you are.

Ms. Clean
No need for worn (and, ahem, less than hygienic) bras and other under things to mingle among fresh, tidy clothes. Just stash them in this adorable embroidered lingerie bag from Anna Moi ($30).

Childs play
The key to a stress-free car or plane ride with kids? A good handheld electronic game. The Datamax ii ($50) comes with 40 learning activities and games that will keep the 7- to 14-year-old set mesmerized.

Gloss to go
With Cargo DailyGloss ($12), you just gloss and toss. Each pack comes with a 30-day supply of three lip shades (Brilliant Pink–Warm Mauve–Raspberry combo shown), individually wrapped in tear-away bubbles no bigger than aspirins.

Loosen up!
To release tension and improve posture during long flights or cramped car rides, try this stretch, suggests Barbara Templeton, author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Stretching. Sit tall in your seat, chin tucked slightly. Inhale as you raise your arms over your head. Interlace your fingers at the top, pressing palms up to stretch shoulders and arms. Then bend your elbows, palms facing upward, and bring your hands (still interlaced) behind your head to loosen upper back and neck muscles. Finally, straighten arms, release fingers, and lower.

Talk about traveling light: Youll blast off 102 calories just packing and unpacking your car for a road trip and another 272 calories driving for two hours (figures based on a 150-pound woman).