By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
October 03, 2010

From Health magazine

Check out restaurant menus online before you leave. That way youll know to budget your calories if you see something you want to splurge on.

Wear workout gear and sneakers on the plane. Youll be able to run through the airport. Plus, youll be more apt to get up and move if youre delayed.

Pack snacks for road trips. Bring water, fruit, nuts, veggies, whole-grain cereal, and low-cal, low-sugar energy bars.

Take a jump rope. Sneak in some jumping whenever you can. Try The JumpSnap (starts at $59.95;, an easy ropeless jump rope.

Focus on other indulgences. Catch up on sleep, drink lots of water, eat fresh fruit, and enjoy some pampering.

Take a daring fitness class. Try something you might not do at home like boxing or salsa dancing. Find the nearest gym and score a free pass at