By Valerie Kramer Davis
Updated: July 09, 2008

Are you a new mom who wants to lose some belly fat? Just grab your stroller and precious cargo and check out one of the stroller fitness programs popping up nationwide. They offer cardio, strength, and flexibility training—as well as entertainment for the little one—all in one workout.

Most of these hour-long outdoor classes begin with a stroller-pushing walk or jog (some even include singing and skipping), then progress to strength moves like peek-a-boo pushups and stroller lunges. They wrap up with a series of stretches. At about $50 per month, these programs are an ingenious, affordable way for multitasking moms (is there any other kind?) to squeeze exercise, socializing, and baby-bonding into their schedules.

Three we like:

  • Strollercize, 800-978-7655 or
  • Stroller Strides, 866-348-4666 or
  • Can't get to a class?
    Let Strollertime's self-titled CD-DVD set ($19.95; 866-348-6667 or guide you on a walk, then through a stretching and strength routine.