Updated May 10, 2008

From Health magazineCheck out these eight simple ways to find a one-piece or bikini so cute and comfortable you wont take it off all summer.

“With so many styles and cuts today, theres no need to compromise fit for fashion or vice versa,” says swimwear designer Malia Mills.

Well suited:
Belted denim from Bisou Bisou (pictured top left) for JCPenney ($68 ) hits curves in the right places.

Go wider in the waistband
Try a bikini with a thicker waist-band, which smooths out and covers up your abs. “Some bands can even be folded down if you want to show off more stomach,” says New York–based stylist Tina Latonero, who worked her magic for this story.

Our pick: Seafolly V Wire Ruched Bikini in Midnight ($171)

Fit the occasion
Conservative cuts and sturdy fabrics are best if you spend hours in the sun and water. Extreme cuts, delicate fabrics, and embellishments are like stilettos—“great for an hour by the pool, not a day at the beach,” says swimwear designer Malia Mills.

Our pick: Nike Core Solids Power Back Tank in Cerulean Blue ($54)

Choose wider cups if you want more coverage
More material will help distribute weight better than smaller cups, easing the pressure from straps (and your neck). Youll also appreciate a halter style like this for extra support.

Our pick: Perry Ellis Jeweled Nights Bandeau Bra and Mid-Waist Trunk (top, $64, bottom, $54; Bloomingdales)
Next Page: Slimming fabrics [ pagebreak ]Look for slimming fabrics
“Suits that have tummy and hip control are a big trend,” Latonero says. Some say theyll slim you down as much as an inch, without feeling tight. Check out Speedos Sculpt Collection, Tommy Bahama, and Fantasizer by Christina.
Our pick: Lands End Regular Slender Tunic Swimsuit ($82)

Don't upsize
Women often think that a bigger suit will fit better—or hide more—but it doesnt. “A too-big suit can ride up when its dry and sag when its wet,” Mills says. For more coverage, choose a different cut or look for a suit that fits by bra size, like this one, if youre busty.

Our pick: Fantasie Tarantella Underwire Plunge suit ($116)

Adjust the straps
Like a bra, bathing suit straps can be made shorter or longer to give you the best support. “Many times a top will fit well and feel great once its adjusted,” Mills says. This goes for those that tie behind your neck or adjust with sliders over your shoulders, too.

Our pick: Asha Couture Nantucket Maillot ($136)

Next Page: Be open-minded [ pagebreak ]Be open-minded
Try on lots of styles. “Women may throw their hands up at strapless or bandeau tops, but they often turn out to be unexpected hits because they show off the neckline with minimal fuss,” Mills says.

Our pick: Jantzen Abstract Animal Bandeau Top and Mid-Waist Bottom in Peacock (top $50, bottom $46)

Make sure any embellishments are comfortable
If youre wearing a swimsuit that has sequins or other decorative hardware, check that its constructed with a double lining made of a softer fabric. This way, the bling on the suit cant scratch or irritate your skin.

Our pick: C Collection Ocean Goddess ($80; Macy's)

Need a lift?
A halter bikini, like this one from Xhilaration for Target ($29.98; 800-800-8800), gives your bustline a boost.