Updated March 22, 2016


If you forget to pick up your dry cleaning once or twice, its unlikely that dementia is around the corner (although your favorite silk dress may be). Letting a few errands slip isnt a sure sign of the disease. Really important symptoms include loss of control over speech, trouble completing simple tasks like balancing a checkbook, and confusion about where you are. In fact, your memory losses may simply be due to a shortage of vitamin B12. According to Harvard research, a deficiency can produce symptoms similar to dementia and Alzheimers. Theres plenty of the vitamin in meats, chicken, fish, dairy products, and fortified breakfast cereal.

Still worried? Consider talking to a therapist if youre superanxious about memory loss. A study by the Rush Alzheimers Disease Center in Chicago found that people plagued by worry, anxiety, or depression are more prone to developing a condition thats a precursor to Alzheimers.