By Brett Hill
Updated: February 28, 2008

Best Shampoo
Garnier Fructis Body & Volume Fortifying Shampoo ($3.99)

Lather up with this volumizing shampoo, and your hair immediately feels different—like theres actually more of it. (Dont worry, that doesnt mean its bushy.) Fructose and glucose coat hair shafts to give them more volume, while vitamins B3 and B6 strengthen strands and lock in moisture.

Best For: Lifeless hair in need of body and bounce

Smooth this gold-flecked pomade through damp or dry strands, and you get just enough control to keep hair in place without any sticky residue. It also has heliogenol, a UV-protecting sunflower-seed extract, that prevents color-treated hair from fading in sunlight.

Best For: Light-to-medium hold

Youll be able to run a comb through even the kinkiest of tresses after using this lightweight conditioner. Essential oils, including lemon, lime, and tangerine, are to thank for the unmistakable shine that looks glossy but not greasy.

Best For: Dry or damaged hair