Updated February 28, 2008

Yoga Deck
Our office's yoga fans—beginners and veterans alike—love the Yoga Deck ($13) from Uncommon Goods. Each easy-to-understand card illustrates a different pose. Follow one of the sequences included in the pack, shuffle the deck to keep things interesting, or pick a card (any card) if you're in a hurry. Breathing, stretching, and meditation cards complete the experience.

Rodney Yee's Poetry of the Body 50-Card Practice Deck
Yoga guru Yee provides basic instruction on these easy-to-follow illustrated cards, executing 46 poses to perfection. Stick with one of the four basic sequences if you're a beginner (they'll keep you away from tougher poses you may not be ready for yet). Veteran yogis can shuffle the deck to mix things up a bit.

Travel Yoga
Novice and veteran yogis on the go will find Darrin Zeers Travel Yoga: Stretches for Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and More! (Chronicle, 2005) an invaluable stress buster. With more than 60 techniques, the book includes both traditional and innovative poses: Try the “flight-got-bumped” rag doll stretch or “turbulence tension tamer” to lift your mood as you stretch the stress away. A Quick Help Guide serves as a cheat sheet for harried jet setters, and the tear-out Stretch Card fits in the most overpacked carry-on cases. Refreshing ideas and calming philosophies abound in this book, and with Zeer's help, you are only a sun salutation away from happy travels.

Alycea Ungaro's Portable Pilates book/CD set
This lightweight wire-bound book, which conveniently stays open when you prop it up or lay it flat, visually complements the instructions on the accompanying 38-minute CD; the illustrations depict women who look more true to life than the typical supermodel. Like all Pilates workouts, this one is as easy or as hard as you make it. If you're new to the practice, start with just the book; more experienced folks can rely on the disc and leave the book at home.

Beth Shaw's YogaFit on the Road CD
The 70-minute track on this disc offers an intermediate-level program incorporating yoga, Pilates, and ab exercises—very convenient when you don't have access to a VCR but you do have your CD player with you. The poses are illustrated inside the cover. Skip the separate 15-minute seated routine, though.

YogaLift: Inner and Outer Strength Workout
After a 10-minute meditation session, certified personal trainer Shannon Leavitt leads you through 30 minutes of strength moves (youll need dumbbells for some). Then master yoga instructor Monique Maxwell follows up with 40 minutes of classic asanas. Do the programs back-to-back, or alternate between them for stronger muscles and a clearer mind.