November 30, 2010

More than 1,000 of you told us what really turns you on. See the results of our healthy sex survey!

We all know from experience that when the sex is good our relationships seem to be in better shape, too. Theres a scientific reason for this: Experts tell us that the hormone oxytocin, which is released during lovemaking, has a serious bonding effect on partners. (Not surprisingly, we get that same hormonal buzz right after childbirth, bonding us with our babies.)

Whats keeping your engines revved—and what isnt? Check out our survey results to learn some of the most private stuff you told us youre doing between the sheets.

The basics
How often do you have sex?
At least once a week 64%
“We have sex 4 times a week. But we're so tired all the time that we have to work ourselves up for it. We have to wake up when the baby is asleep, so it's just not as spontaneous as it used to be.” –Ilene, 33, Charlottesville, Virginia

At least once a month 24%
“Once or twice a month is enough for me, but maybe not for him.” –Sally, 40, Boston

Once or twice a year 8%
“Id like to do it more, but I think weve gotten kind of bored with and disconnected from each other. Its just not very fun anymore.” –Mary, 54, Seattle

Never 4%
“Youve gotta have good communication to have a great sex life, and we dont. Were not having sex. We are actually struggling to be able to complete just one task without fighting.” —Joyce, 44, Kansas City

Whats your favorite position?
Missionary 33%
“Im boring. I like the missionary position. I just have better orgasms that way.” –Lisa, 31, Baltimore

Woman on top 27%
“That often satisfies both of us because of the depth of penetration and the angle. We like positions where we can face one another with our eyes wide open.” –Julianne, 43, Orlando, Florida

From behind 23%
“Normally, it starts with him on top, then switches to me on top, and ends in doggy style. Its a routine, but you kind of know what works for you when youve got a 5-year-old beating down your door, saying, ‘Mom, I want chocolate milk.” –Britt, 37, Dallas

Anything unusual 17%
“I like when Im kind of diagonal to him. It makes it easier for us to get together.” –Nicole, 32, Washington, DC

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How often to do you masturbate?

At least once a week 27%
“Every couple of days—when Im horny.” –Risa, 48, New York

At least once a month 25%
“Maybe twice a month, just using my hand. It helps me understand what I like. I dont do it when hes around, though.” –Anne, 26, Boise, Idaho

Every few months or less 20%
“Once every few months, usually when my partners traveling. Hes gone for six weeks at a time, which is hard. I do it when I have no access to him.” –Kathy, 32, San Francisco

What makes you feel sexy?
Losing weight 37%
“Its not because I feel Im overweight, but I just think Im sexier when Im skinny.” –Morgan, 46, Fort Collins, Colorado

Flirting 27%
“Going out, flirting with my husband, and just having a good time all make me feel sexy. He thinks Im sexy all the time, even when I dont think so.” —Beth, 57, Toledo, Ohio

A new outfit 17%
“What Im wearing makes me feel sexy. You just look better in certain outfits. You feel better, too, more confident.” –Amie, 32, Denver

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How often do you have an orgasm during intercourse?

Most of the time 58%
“I dont need to have one, but I usually do during intercourse or just when my breasts are played with.” –Donna, 41, Sacramento, California

Rarely or never 26%
“I have orgasms, but only from manual stimulation. Ive never had one from just penetration. I get awfully close, it just hasnt happened yet. I usually come during foreplay.” –Robyn, 25, San Antonio

Half the time 16%
“The only reason I cant all the time is my body hasnt rejuvenated itself.” –Nancy, 40, Chula Vista, California

Have you faked an orgasm during sex?
Yes 56%
“I faked it when my orgasm became the whole focus of having sex. The stress for him of making me come needed to go away. He couldnt relax.” –Lisa, 23, Hastings, Nebraska

Whats your favorite kind of foreplay?
Caress, massage, touch 58%
“We touch, we feel, and we play with paint and lotion.” –Tina, 34, Chicago

Oral sex 23%
“Its the best. Sometimes Id rather just have him do it and forget sex.” –Nikki, 30, Miami

Kissing 19%
“I like all foreplay, but it all starts with kissing. Everything just rolls right into each other.” –Robin, 51, Minneapolis

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When it comes to sex, whats normal and healthy?

At least once a week 27%
“Every couple of days—when Im horny.” –Risa, 48, New York

You also said ...
Using sex to connect emotionally and express love 51%
Sex whenever you feel like it 41%
Sex at least once a week 4%
Sex just for physical pleasure and/or release 4%

What would you change about your sex life?
Have more sex 29%
More emotional closeness 20%
Be more interested in sex 18%
Experiment more 14%
Partner would be bigger 4%

Do you talk to your partner about sex?
Sometimes, but not often 43%
Regularly 42%
Only if my partner asks 7%
No 7%

And some of you wish …
I could get an orgasm easier.
My spouse would be in better shape.
My partner would last longer.
My husband would get a vasectomy.
Id choose a man who thinks Im sexy.
Id keep him awake afterward.
My partner would look like he did 10 years ago.
Id pick a younger man.

Has sex gotten better or worse as youve aged?
Better 65%
Worse 18%

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Which celebs turn you on?

Matthew McConaghey 31%
George Clooney 25%
Johnny Depp 23%
Brad Pitt 20%
Angelina Jolie 7%

A bunch of others youre into:
Jessica Alba
Christian Bale
Pierce Brosnan
Sandra Bullock
Sean Connery
Matt Damon
Leonardo DiCaprio
Vin Diesel
Clark Gable
Jake Gyllenhall
Hugh Jackman
Jennifer Lopez
Viggo Mortensen
George Strait
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)
John Travolta
Denzel Washington
Bruce Willis

Your wild side
Do you use sex toys?

Once in a while 45%

Never 42%
“No toys, because we live in a small town, and you cant do anything without everybody knowing.” –Annie, 38, Alta, Iowa

Often 13%
“My husband likes garter belts, nylons, and high heels. I get a kick out of it, too.” –Toni, 60, Sicklerville, New Jersey

How do you feel about threesomes?
“Its wrong.” 53%
“Its a fantasy, but Id never try it.” 30%
“Ive tried it.” 10%

Whats the craziest place youve had sex?
Car 26%
Park 14%
Beach 14%
Parents bed 5%

And some of you wild-and-crazy folks have had sex …
In the closet of my husbands classroom
a hospital waiting room
a dressing room at the mall
the woods while looking for a Christmas tree
a van during a family reunion
at Disneyland
a hockey game
the Colosseum in Rome
on a trampoline
a bar stool in front of everyone
on the top of the Empire State Building

More on Our Sexiest Sex Survey Ever's self-selected survey of 1,000 U.S. women during November and December 2006. Survey participants were:

18-29: 20.8%
30-39: 32.2%
40-49: 26.9%
50-59: 15.4%
60+: 4.6%

Marital Status
Married: 57.5%
Single but committed: 33%
Single and unattached: 9.5%

Northeast: 25.8%
Mid-Atlantic: 3.8%
Southeast: 21%
Midwest: 23.4%
Southwest: 14.4%
Northwest: 11.6%