By Petra Kolber
Updated March 04, 2008

unwindTake 10 minutes to relax with these calming poses—part 3 in our “Keep Moving!” series.

Seated Spinal Twist: Back
Sit on the edge of a chair sideways. Put both of your hands on the back of the chair and inhale. Exhale, and gently pull your body to the right toward the chair. Hold the twist while you inhale and exhale several times; switch sides and repeat. To deepen the twist, move to the center of the chair.

Forward Fold Into Chair: Neck and upper back
Sit on a mat facing the seat of a chair. Put one arm on top of the other on the seat and lightly place your forehead on your hands. Round your back and relax your belly.

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Seated Back Stretch: Lower back
Sit near the edge of a chair. Slowly walk your hands down your legs and roll your body down toward the floor, keeping your hands on your shins for support. For a deeper stretch, place your arms between your knees, bend them, and hold each elbow with the opposite hand.

Seated Hip Open: Hips
Sit on a chair and cross your legs so your right ankle is resting on your left thigh. Hold your knee and foot with your hands. Gently pull your leg across the front of your body as if you were rocking a baby; switch sides and repeat.

Lying Stick Pose: Legs
Sit sideways behind a chair on a mat. Slowly lie back, twisting slightly to raise both legs until theyre extended up the chair, straightening your legs only as much as is comfortable. Relax arms beside you and close your eyes.

Childs Pose: Back
Begin on your hands and knees, looking toward the floor. Bring your toes together and sit back gently on your heels. Lean forward and rest your forehead on the floor. Relax your arms beside your body, hands near your feet.