By Kalli Rasbury
Updated March 05, 2008

To warm up the back and abdominal muscles, move slowly from cow to cat for several repetitions.

Balancing poses improve your balance and posture. Focusing on a stationary point on the floor in front of you will boost your concentration.

Arm strengthening poses build muscle strength by using your own weight as resistance.

Warming: Cow
From hands and knees, inhale as you tilt the pelvis up and look up to the ceiling, dropping your belly to the floor.

Warming: Cat
From hands and knees, exhale and round your back, pressing your navel toward your spine and dropping your head, like a cat stretching.

Arm Strenthening: Plank
From downward dog, bring your head and chest forward until your shoulders hover over your hands, as in a push-up. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths.
Tip: For less of a challenge, lower your knees to the floor.

Warming: Seated Twist
Start in Seated Mountain. Bend your right leg over the outside of your left leg, planting right foot on the ground. Keep left leg extended, muscles active. Place your right hand behind you, then bend your left arm and place your left elbow on your right knee. Simultaneously, twist your torso toward the right, initiating the movement from your hip, then your waist, then your shoulders, then your neck. Return to starting position, then switch sides.

Kalli Rasbury (pictured in photos) is a yoga instructor in Birmingham, Alabama.