By Lisa Delaney
Updated: September 01, 2007

Age: 34
Home: Minneapolis
Profession: Web designer
Passions: Making gifts for people when its not a holiday; art (when I can look at it alone); yoga

Ave Rasmussen knows a lot of things. She knows how to pick a lock. She knows that the male sea horse is the one to get pregnant. She knows that the word jumbo comes from the name of an elephant in P.T. Barnums circus. And she knows that her deep curiosity is just as important to her well-being as her yoga routine and the organic veggies in her fridge.

“I have this crazy theory that people who look at the world around them without saying ‘Wow! will die younger and live less,” she says.

A Web designer from Minneapolis, Ave grew up in a health-conscious household. “Our junk food was sherbet,” she says. “I remember being 7 years old, watching my cousin put sugar on her Cheerios, and thinking, ‘Gross!” Ave now understands that good health is a little more complicated than that. “I try to trust my instincts and let my body lead me to what I need at any given time,” she says. “Running and eating fruits and vegetables might be the healthiest things for me one day; on another day, I might want French fries and 10 hours of sleep.”

We met Ave during Healths Real Beauty Road Tour 2006 with photographer Nigel Barker of Americas Next Top Model.