By Mara Betsch
Updated: March 02, 2016

dessert-hummus-foodieThis brilliant product combines two of my favorite things: hummus and dessert. Trading savory for sweet, Crazy Camel's dessert hummus makes healthy snacking taste oh-so-sinful.

The product: Crazy Camel dessert hummus ($25 for a 6-pack or $48 for 12; available online)

The health factor: Though these treats taste like a dessert, you can enjoy them guilt-free. A 2-ounce (4 tablespoon) serving contains between 130–170 calories and 4–8 grams of fat. Plus you get a boost of fiber and protein in each bite! However, the best part of the nutritional labels is that they're void of unpronounceables. Each hummus contains chickpeas, nuts, fruit, spices, oils, and less refined sweeteners like molasses and evaporated cane juice. The only downside is that, like all desserts, they contain a good bit of sugar.

The taste factor: Who knew chickpeas could taste this good? They come in six mouthwatering flavors: chocolate mousse, peanut butter, maple walnut, pumpkin pie, toasted almond, and caramel apple. Each one is sweet without being overpowering and has just the slightest hint of chickpeas beneath a subtle hint of fall-themed flavors.

Like the label advertises, they taste like dessert and will ease even the biggest sweet tooth. They're delicious with pretzels, fruit, bread, and graham crackers, but you don't have to limit these to just dipping! Frances Largeman-Roth, Health's senior food and nutrition editor, says the texture of the chocolate mousse would be good in a vegan cannoli.

Editors' pick: Pumpkin pie. It tastes like a lighter version of pumpkin-pie filling that can be enjoyed year-round. Staffers were also big fans of the chocolate mousse, caramel apple, and peanut-butter flavors.

Why we love it: We can still have the creamy texture and health benefits of hummus while getting our sugar fix. Plus, they're perfect for serving at holiday parties, or giving as gifts. Though you have to order in bulk (at least six per order), they freeze well and can be served after just a day of defrosting.