By Shannon Friedmann Hatch
Updated: March 02, 2016

foodie-friday-yoga-chipsWouldnt you be more likely to reach for crunchy, juicy fruit if the old “apple a day” saying was updated to “an apple a day, the less you weigh"? Well, its time to pull out those skinny jeans, because according to recent research from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), adults who consumed apples and apple-based products (100% juice, natural applesauce, etc.) had smaller waistlines and less abdominal fat than those who didnt munch on the fruit. Suddenly the selection from the office snack machine isnt so tempting, huh?

But you dont have to tote around a fruit bowl to get these benefits: Heres a great desk-side treat.

The product: Yogavive Yogachips ($1.50 for single-serving [0.35-ounce] bags, $5.50 for five-serving [1.76-ounce] bags). Visit Yogavives Twitter or Facebook pages for freebies!

The taste factor: Subtly sweet and crunchy. These bite-size slices are not the soggy, dehydrated apple rings that get picked over in trail mix. They come in Original, Caramel, Apple Cinnamon, Peach, and Strawberry flavors.

The health factor: In addition to the benefits listed above, Yogachips are fat-free and boast a mere 35 calories per serving—less than half that of a medium apple. (But on the flip side, the fresh fruit brings four times the fiber to the table.) Its easy to see why polishing off a single-serving bag (about the size of a large juice box) in one sitting is truly guilt-free, especially considering the companys dedication to making the smallest carbon footprint possible when sourcing its organic Fuji apples.

Editors pick: We like the Apple Cinnamon flavor best, with Original coming in a close second. The Strawberry and Peach flavors tend more toward the sweet side and were a little too Frankenfruit for our taste. (Call us crazy, but were in the camp that says apple chips should taste like apples.)

Why we love it: Yogachips contain two ingredients max—and theyre both pronounceable. Plus, they make hitting your daily fruit intake an achievable (and delicious) goal.